“1 + 1 + 1 = 2.5”

“It looks like it could be in Ann Arbor,” she commented about the distinctive style of the coffee shop she’d never before frequented. The restaurant was perfect for a fifteen-year reunion between my tenth grade math teacher looking fabulous in her chic black & white ensemble, my Mom & me.

“I’ve never been here before either,” I replied after a friendly hug. “My Mom meets her friends here a lot.” We ordered our coffee & food before choosing a spot to do what women do best – which, clearly, is chatting nonstop. I couldn’t help but be a little self-conscious, though, of my own possibly too-rapid speech. So I warned my former teacher.

“Feel free to poke me in the arm & say ‘Amy, calm down & slow down, you’re talking too fast!’” She laughed & said I was fine.

“Tell her the muffin story,” my Mom told me while explaining to Ms. Chugh our shared unique brand of humor.

So I recalled how two years ago we were on a plane to Florida & my Mom was eating a muffin. I looked over at her no more than three minutes later & saw she’d eaten the entire muffin in that short amount of time. “I could never do that with my dry mouth, I’d choke & die.” With a mischievous look on her face & faster than an eye can blink, my Mom had blurted “Want a muffin?” & we both burst out laughing, both then & also as I recounted the tale.

“You & Ms. Kozian were great math teachers,” I told my former Algebra 2 instructor. “That’s the only reason I aced your class & Pre-Calc.”

“I just saw her at Meijer,” said Ms. Chugh who also inquired about the college I’d gone to.

“I used to work there,” she informed me to my surprise. I never guessed she once taught at the university I attended! She rattled off the various locations she’s worked.

Enjoying each other’s company led us to continue happily conversing. On & on the three of us went as we talked about everything from former high school students, including Mohini Prasad, Chase, Lesia & Eugene Antonelli, we’ve had contact with over the years to occupations of our family members to . . . BRRRRRRRRRRNG!

A phone call for Ms. Chugh halted our endless discussion as we were jolted back into real time.

“It’s my son,” she reported.

You know how it’s said that time flies when you’re having fun? Well, I suppose time was zooming by in a lightning-fast rocket ship because a glance down at my watch told me a whopping two-and-a-half hours had simply vanished. No wonder the boy wondered where his mother was. So we wrapped it up.

Allow me to assess our interaction.

Location of visitA

Quality of Food & DrinkA

Successfully Enjoyed Reunion A+

The End

By Amy on 5-27-17