“Hole-Ear then Ow”

My niece has pierced ears!

My baby niece has pierced ears!

by Aunt Amy     4.7.11

“I promise you, I did it today,” she insisted her claim to me was true that day, Tuesday, the fifth of April 2011.

“I don’t believe you,” I replied to my oldest sister, maintaining my skepticism of her admission. “She’s only seven months old.”

“Then I’ll stop by,” offered my four-years-and-just-shy-of-five-months older sister. “We’re on Ann Arbor Trail, coming home from dinner. We’re a couple minutes away.”

Wearing pink sweats – I change into sweat pants after returning from early morning Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, in which I wear a different set of sweats used only to wear back and forth from treatments; I didn’t realize my current fashion trends, or lack thereof, were noticed by my six-year-old nephew until he saw me one day and exclaimed “Wow, you’re in jeans!” – from JC Penney and a baggy grey t-shirt, I threw on a hat and hooded sweatshirt as I prepared to venture out to my driveway in 40˚ Michigan spring weather. I had to see for myself if in fact the statement was true.

“Did two people do it at once or did the same person do it twice?” I wondered if my young niece felt the zapping sting one after the other, or mercifully endured the short-lasting-but-all-too-real pain simultaneously as both ears got holes at the same time.

“We were at Twelve Oaks today,” her mom explained as she described the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s ears’ experience.

A minute later I opened the right rear door of her blue Durango.

“Oh my gosh!” I couldn’t help but exclaim after seeing a car seat containing an infant, my sweet baby niece, with a lasting imprint on either side of her little cranium.

Her reaction to my shocked expression began turning slowly into a whimper and downward curl of the lower lip. I quickly changed my composure to calm the little one.

Two diamond-like small shiny earrings sparkled beautifully right above her earlobes.

Now I lay down my aunt duty,

Praying for this little cutie,

And if I worry and can’t rest,

Don’t forget, her Mom knows best!



Pretty Ears Pierced

Pretty Ears Pierced

See the earring?

See the earring?