“Join the Nation” story

“Shake your booty,” my 7-year-old nephew crooned at the kitchen table as we devoured a Little Caesars HOT-N-READY. “Yah, yah!”

They (every single one of my seven nieces & nephews) are fun, energetic, & music-loving children. Consequently, it’s not surprising for one of them to randomly break out in a melody by an array of artists including The Black Eyed Peas, The Lumineers or Michael Jackson.

Along with his younger brother & sister, the sharp second grader came over to hang out after church while the three siblings’ always-athletic eldest brother was playing in four basketball games.

In light of the prior information, you can guess why I was supremely startled to hear my nephew’s reply earlier in my bedroom:

Covered with my blue & yellow Michigan fleece to ward off the chill on the nippy fall morning, he played games like Subway Surfers & Angry Birds on my Kindle.

“Play that funky music, smart boy!” I blurted to him in a singsong voice while he sprawled on my bed.

Contrary to any sort of tune I was anticipating, my ears picked up a catchy televised jingle advertising various financial services.

“Nationwide is on your side!”