Move it or lose it? Nah: Move It AND Lose It!

 Giving credit where credit is due, I give my fantastic friend Jessica colossal credit for my current lighter status.

Visiting Jess recently for a week was something I was really looking forward to, not least of all because I knew I’d be influenced by her incredible lifestyle which includes both a Significant & Conscious effort to move around a lot. (The fact that she’s become a dedicated, talented & motivating fitness instructor doesn’t hurt either.)

Now at home I dance around & stretch in my room, usually holding a colorful little juggling ball in each hand for no other reason than they’re fun to look at. And I still have green & red stretching bands from my early 20s when I did occupational therapy (since the right side of my body is weak), that I pull in multiple directions to exercise my arms. (I added this new movement to already lifting small weights & riding my exercise bike a few times/week.)

Simultaneously Easy & Fun! Seriously, name 1 person who doesn’t like to dance around in their bedroom . . .

Results come for me in the way of a lighter body which helps my bum knee that needs a replacement as well as overall feeling better by making a point to increase my activity level.

I’m Overjoyed – Completely Ecstatic –  to be lighter without even

Trying hard


Knowing it was happening so fast,

until I saw clear undeniable evidence Saturday morning. Now the truth comes out: does Amy prefer more a slimmer self or a remarkable fit friendship? The latter certainly because people are “weigh” better than, well, ANYTHING in comparison. 

Thanks SO SO MUCH for your excellent example Jess!