He “Nose” Best

Nothing More Than Paperwork from Today's Appointment

Nothing More Than Paperwork from Today’s Appointment

“Did you ever break your nose?” asked the friendly doctor at the U of M Otolaryngology Sinus clinic I saw at my 11:00 appointment this morning. “It looks like something like a fall on your face or nose happened.”

As I ransacked my brain quickly for possible face-falling injures during my pre-cancer diagnosis at a time when I was extremely athletic – basketball, track, swimming, tennis – I couldn’t think of anything. “A basketball probably hit me in the face some time,” I speculated.

Then, WHAM! A lightswitch flicked on & instantly infused my mind with a memory.

“I fell & landed face-first on my nose running home in elementary school one day,” I recalled, “in third grade. I got a big red mark in the middle of my nose where it hit the cement. My cousin called me Rudolph. ”

“You have a deviated septum,” the doctor informed me. Later online research told me that a deviated septum is a condition in which the thin wall (called the nasal septum) between your nostrils is significantly off center or crooked. The most frequent cause of a deviated septum, a category which I fall into, is impact trauma, such as a blow to the face.

“Do I need a nose job?”

“No,” came the reply. Essentially, the doctor explained surgery for my particular case, which didn’t include breathing difficulty or any other adverse symptoms, was unnecessary.

Thank goodness! So, one more thing to add to my already exceedingly long list of health issues. Looking at the bright side, though: despite a long wait to finally see the physician, my even longer – I’m talking over 20 years – unanswered question of “Why is my nose crooked?” was FINALLY answered!

What does that mean? You may go someplace expecting one outcome (like me at the doctor appointment expecting only a simple sinus check-up) & be surprised to learn something (not necessarily health-related, of course) unexpected & completely new! . . . In hindsight, maybe this isn’t the coolest example of learning something new being fun & exciting, but hey, what can you do?