“Why Healthy People Should Donate Blood” (speech from college)

The following is a Persuasive Speech assigned in speech class in college. The students were supposed to choose a subject “near and dear to their heart” so I decided on blood donation because it’s saved my life many times and I want more people to roll up their sleeve & donate!

Each year, the University of Michigan Hospital administers approximately 35,000 units of red blood cells. This blood is given to all types of people who suffer from low blood counts due to an array of health problems and thus require blood products from other human beings in order to recover and overcome their particular ailment. Whether they have been involved in a serious car accident, are a cancer patient, or the victim of a national disaster, receiving blood is essential in their healing process.

Willing and eligible blood donors are crucial for hospital patients to receive the several kinds of blood transfusions, which provide many benefits: they prevent further weakening, aid in recovery, as well as help patients feel stronger and be at less risk for fainting, bruising, and excessive bleeding. Unbeknownst to many people who are eligible but inactive donors, just one visit to a clinic to donate blood will have a positive and beneficial impact on the recipient. Therefore, healthy people who are eligible to donate their blood should regularly visit a local clinic to roll up their sleeve, offer their time and blood, and ultimately, help save lives.

Donations from the most people possible is imperative, and creates better chances for people with rare blood types to find a match. Only one donor is needed for a single red blood cell transfusion. Platelets, another blood product often transfused, require five donors for only one transfusion to occur. Red blood cells, platelets, and fresh frozen plasma are three of the most commonly transfused products. In addition to helping ill people simply regain normal blood counts, people who donate their blood products to unknown recipients are also providing them with another chance to fully recover and begin life with newfound strength and appreciation. Scheduling an appointment for a blood donation requires a minute amount of time. The actual process of donating blood takes only an hour.

Furthermore, donations are extremely safe for the donor, with the most common risks being minor problems such as soreness at the site the blood was collected or a slight drop in the hemoglobin, or amount of red blood cells. People, then, should become regular blood donors to help improve the health status and recovery of ailing recipients. Healthy people must remember that each day, due to a multitude of reasons, large amounts of blood products are needed for the stabilizing and recuperation of patients worldwide. So not only should healthy people maintain their own well-being, if possible they should take advantage of their excellent condition to help provide sick people with a boost by donating blood.

Blood donation gives people energy to live. I could never have enjoyed this vacation without crucial blood products helping restore my strength and health.

Blood donation helps restore people’s energy and health to live. I never could have enjoyed this vacation without crucial blood products helping restore my own strength and health status.