“The Flip”

Trouble game.JPG

“I could ruin your life or get a guy out,” he threatened me. It was, literally, a “game-changer” as we competed in a zippy game of “Trouble.” I waited to watch his next move.

His current choice? Either land on one of my blue pieces with his yellow one which would send me all the way back to the starting point, or begin one of his players moving around the board to travel safely home. A few minutes earlier as “Trouble” started I said:

“I’m going to shut the TV off because even though I’ve been looking forward to my favorite reality show for months, you are more important.” I wanted to really drive the point home that spending my time with my nephew was infinitely more valuable to me than viewing the twenty-fifth season of “Dancing With The Stars.” My ultimate aim is to help show these children – my nieces & nephews – I see regularly what the treasured things are in life, including choosing people any day over anything else like a game or something on television.

“Vengeance!” erupted an exclamation from the boy that arrived on the scene later after sending one of my game pieces back to the beginning – I’d done the same to him several times prior.

I tested the nearly 9-year-old’s knowledge, pretty certain the sharp third grader already knew the word’s meaning since the term was unsurprisingly used in exactly the right context. “What does vengeance mean?” So he provided a thorough spot-on explanation of the word including telling me the term is a synonym of “revenge.” Why do I even bother? . . . 

We enjoyed a casual conversation as the game progressed.

“My favorite number is 3,” I said after rolling the number.

“Mine is 7, wanna know why?”

I love him & the way his well-oiled wheels are astutely turning seemingly nonstop!

“My favorite number is 7

cuz when you flip it down

it’s an “L” & “L” stands for Lucky.”

The End

By Aunt Amy