It is said in Edge of Eternity‘s twenty-third chapter, these sentences that are speaking of life’s end & our individual eternal choices:

“Every man must accept the pardon or be devoured by the sword. There is no third option.

Bow to him now in repentance and service, or bow to him later in judgment and condemnation. In either case every knee will bow to him.”

“Earth is the walkway between two kingdoms . . . Earth is a place to preview both, to sample each, to make the final unalterable choice between them.”

Last gripping line of chapter 23:

“And in that moment I knew, with unwavering clarity, that the King’s approval was all that mattered – and ever would.”

Chapter 22 Wisdom

Jesus in the fictitious yet very insightful novel Edge of Eternity speaking to main character Nick Seagrave:

Without reaching for my hands, you cannot succeed in anything that matters.

If there was any other way besides the tree, do you think I would have done what I did?”

Continuing in the same conversation, Jesus speaking to Nick says: “The only thing more painful than obedience is disobedience.”

Additionally Nick was told by someone else: “Choice and consequences. What is done in one world has profound effects on the next.” (Meaning what we do here on earth affects where we eternally end up, either in Paradise with Our Creator, or miserable tormenting Hell.)

“The Converter”

It all started with the skivvies. By my nephew. And oh, did I mention that he’s a mere 4 years old?

“Look at my ball with underpants,” he invited me to see. Indeed, the toy bouncy ball was small & red with underpants pictures plastering the outside. Presently, in the year 2017, why in the world is a boy his age using the term “underpants” when most other kids just seem to call them underwear?

“It’s from Captain Underpants,” explained his third grade brother when I brought up the subject. Oh, another character I knew nothing about.

More kids, more tales . . .

“She’s doing a really good job acting ’em,” commented her 8-year-old grandson at his dining room table about the neighing horse sounds that galloped our way. He was doing math problems & I sat next to him. Many addition problems he calculated in his head & his sharpness impressed me time & time again.

My nephew & I overheard my Mom aka his Grandma, making pig & cow sounds too a room away while animatedly reading a story to her granddaughter of 1. Next comes her grandson of 4 who is known for

his unique nickname;

his dashing sense of style: “meeting clothes” he calls business caj, & just last night I heard from his Dad that his young fashion-conscious still-learning son calls his bow tie, or bow  – just what it looks like to him – a “bone” (Awww!) &

most notably his distinctive lovable accent – Although some utterances are best understood by his immediate family who most frequently hears the adorable youngster speak. Evidence #1:

“He says he wants a taco & I don’t know what that means,” reported their doting albeit befuddled Grandma to his older brother while her & her grandkids were snacking in their kitchen. Caring & thoughtful as she was, she clearly sought to avoid asking the little guy she misunderstood to continually repeat himself & make the situation possibly overflow with unease.

Not a taco was in sight & no one within his earshot or otherwise had even brought tacos up in conversation. So what WAS he saying???

Faster than a speeding bullet, Captain Converter zoomed in to the rescue!!!

Quickly Clarified His

Older Brother

On The Double

To End The Trouble:

“He wants a cracker.”

The End

P.S. Pictured is Captain Converter in his early years, obviously in some sort of on-the-job training, learning to Convert . . . Food into a Face Mask?

By Aunt Amy



The Train

They didn’t give it to me straight

And tell me of probable fate.

Guess the docs back in ’97 when I was diagnosed,

Didn’t bother telling me risks of leukemia-treatment post.

For following 8 years of garbage pumped into my system,

So many things dampen my days but I’m not gonna list ’em.

I won’t ask “Why?” – I never will.

Cuz we all face a life uphill.

But man, to be upbeat all the time when I often feel lousy is quite unrealistic,

And never will I unravel from hardships, that’s so unproductive, no, I’ll never go ballistic.

The depth of weakness, pervasive & strong, horrific & haunting,

I’m sad to say, it’s here to stay, unpleasant & so daunting.

The news could not be any bleaker

Cuz here I am just getting weaker.

I’d like to go to Heaven NOW, on the “Happy Day Express,”

For my flaws will rule no longer nor will I be a worn-out mess.

Living for the world to come I must do MORE, not less,

Till those letters on the engine spell out J-E-S-U-S.


The End

By me, just now on 10-6-17



Sense Made Perfect X3


ù “Trust the King, not your ability to follow him.”

ù Forthcoming from chapter 21 of Randy Alcorn’s novel Edge of Eternity is a brilliant description of how God prepares people to use for His Glory:

(God) “must soften the clay before he can sculpt the work of art. Sometimes he must first hurt those he would use. For he uses those who learn from their failures” . . .

ù  . . . Learning “to trust him more and themselves less.”