“Cloud Shmoud”

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“The crowd goes wild!” her eldest bro exclaimed while cheering on his younger sis of 1 as we played basketball with his hoop on his closet bedroom door. I was lifting up the featherweight so she could dunk the ball. She loved it!

Before that – “Awesome buddy, you are good!” the children’s fantastic mother raved after her youngest son informed her he won our games of Old Maid.

Did I intentionally allow the child on multiple occasions achieve victory in the card game?  (I’ll never tell, wink, wink.)

Later in his kitchen the youngest boy asked me after snatching it & retreating to my right, “Aunt Amy, do you know where your cane is?”

I had a good idea & seeing it proved my suspicion. “Hiding” the long metal stick behind him, maybe his 4-year-old thinking actually did believe it was out of my sight because it was out of his, too. “It’s behind your back.”

“It’s a magic trick!” he gleefully announced as his face broke into a humongous smile, totally disregarding my discovery, which of course was fine. Also . . .

“Come here, mama, it’s okay,” my sister welcomed her daughter – “mama” is a term of affection – into her arms following the girl’s nice nap.

Moreover, the second grader impressed me with his thorough knowledge of Biblical stories, starting with the story of Abraham.

I showed the 8-year-old a similarity. “See how this Old Maid card is named Ice Cream Ike? Ike is the nickname for Isaac, who was the first son of Abraham & his wife Sarah.”

It’s always good to end the day on an even lighter note.

Observed my 4-year-old nephew after he peered out of his large bedroom window following a rainfall & saw those funny cotton-candy-looking shapes floating high in the sky, bless his heart, he almost got it right:

“I think the clowns are coming out.”


By Aunt Amy (pictured below is me & the little guy a few years back)








REALLY Good stuff, eh?

A character in the novel being immersed in the wondrous sights in Heaven (in the 31st chapter in Deadline by Randy Alcorn) after dying in a car crash:

“I understand as never before the Scriptures describing Christians as aliens and strangers and pilgrims on earth. That place was not my home. I spent my time living in a rented room, on borrowed time.

 My body was weak, my vision impaired, my mind under attack. I was tempted and worn down.

But everything is different now. This is the world for which you made me, the place I feel completely at home.” 

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This Fascinating Book I’m Reading is like Going To Church

“Jesus died for our sins, but his death doesn’t guarantee forgiveness for everyone. What it guarantees is the availability of forgiveness to everyone. If you want it, it’s yours:

Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life‘ (Revelation 22:17).

Christ offers the gift of forgiveness and eternal life, but we must choose to accept it or it isn’t ours.”



Below is one small excerpt – in this wise fictitious novel – from a letter of one man who has total faith in God writing to an exceptionally close friend who does not believe in God:

“You’ve wondered aloud more than once why I spend my Sunday mornings in church. Well, it’s not to honor the dead, that’s for sure. Church isn’t a memorial service for a dead man.

It’s a worship service for a risen Lord. This isn’t about being religious. This is about Jesus.”

– chapter 29 in the novel Deadline by Randy Alcorn

Think of Eternity

A man who dies in the novel finds himself in torment in hell:

“But it was now clear, excruciatingly clear,

the absence of God meant the absence of all God gives.

No one could have good without the God who is the source of all good.

No God, no good. Forever.”

– 28th chapter in Randy Alcorn’s extremely enlightening novel Deadline

3 Insightful Quotes

. . . from the pastor speaking at Woodside Bible Church in Plymouth on New Year’s Eve morn:

θθ “The starting point of kindness is humility.”

ΣΣ The stunning work of Christ should disarm us.” Said another way, I think that quote means that we should be in such unbelievable ecstasy when we think of Christ’s willingness to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, that we should feel nothing but kindness to share with others (inspired by the lifesaving kindness He first showed us) throughout our lives.

∂∂ “Our acts of kindness toward others are an act of worship.”