“The Answer is YES”

10-9-17 3 oldest Mies kids.JPG

“A spoon in your belly button,” said my sister to her darling daughter of 1 who did just that besides opting to be with her mother in their kitchen. An act of oddity that only a mother could love. “Wow.”

Monday I was blessed to enjoy the day in the company of my older sister & her offspring of 4. How I love spending time with these children in my fabulous family!

“They put people in the trunk & they fix ’em,” she replied upon me asking her what an ambulance does following my astounding 6-year-old niece reading the big word. She got the gist. Then later:

“Does anyone have a King?”

I pretended to misunderstand the girl in our 3-person game of “Go Fish” & responded “I have a cane!” then proceeded to hand her my cane that stood on the floor on my left. Funny, right?

“No, King!” she chided me as she tapped her card firmly with her index finger, not impressed in the least with my lost attempt at laughs. The third participant was her little brother; the youngster turned 4 less than 2 months ago, mind you. He tried his best to answer the question “Do you have a 9?”

“Let me see,” said the baffled boy who wasn’t yet up to speed playing what he refers to as “Goed Fish.” The game does require number knowledge & recognition of Jack, Queen, King & Ace cards. Just give him time.

To his credit, however, my puzzled young nephew maintained a positive attitude in addition to his charming flat-out honesty:

“I don’t know what a 9 is.”

Another point in our day, as my 2 nieces & 2 nephews snacked ’round the white kitchen table before we exited their house to run an errand, the 4-year-old boy popped a question concerning the purpose for my very presence.

“Why ah you heah?”

Then he pretty much answered himself in his own follow-up oh-so-endearing inquiry:

“Because you love us?”

The End

By Aunt Amy


The Train

They didn’t give it to me straight

And tell me of probable fate.

Guess the docs back in ’97 when I was diagnosed,

Didn’t bother telling me risks of leukemia-treatment post.

For following 8 years of garbage pumped into my system,

So many things dampen my days but I’m not gonna list ’em.

I won’t ask “Why?” – I never will.

Cuz we all face a life uphill.

But man, to be upbeat all the time when I often feel lousy is quite unrealistic,

And never will I unravel from hardships, that’s so unproductive, no, I’ll never go ballistic.

The depth of weakness, pervasive & strong, horrific & haunting,

I’m sad to say, it’s here to stay, unpleasant & so daunting.

The news could not be any bleaker

Cuz here I am just getting weaker.

I’d like to go to Heaven NOW, on the “Happy Day Express,”

For my flaws will rule no longer nor will I be a worn-out mess.

Living for the world to come I must do MORE, not less,

Till those letters on the engine spell out J-E-S-U-S.


The End

By me, just now on 10-6-17



“The Son”

Harrison 10-1-17.JPG

“Let him win,” she whispered in my right ear after we decided on an impromptu dance-off.

Aunt Amy’s chances flew out the window & she wanted to know why her niece of 6 favored her little bro of 4:

“Because he’s the best!”

Can’t really argue there . . . Moving on.

“Hey stop that, you’re gonna hit your head and get hurt!” I exclaimed as we played a tickling game where the boy jumped on me while I sat on the couch, & then rescued him from falling by a great dose of tickling to the point where the boy shrieked happily with giggles. He even reassured his alert aunt that he wouldn’t get hurt.

Previously the li’l guy & I played with warrior characters in a game on the living room rug. (Hence the shot of the youngster utilizing my cane & a flashlight to retrieve under the couch a lost figure.)

Later on all of us hung out in the family room. All = my parents, 2 nieces, their brother, & me.

6:30 rolled around after our game of “I Spy” around the kitchen table as “circle apples” – called that due to the way Grandma slices them for her beloved grandkids – were eaten, & while we engaged in a few activities in the family room at once including babysitting for 3 dolls & placing different shaped colored blocks through the correct space through the container’s blue lid. It was then that a particular inquiry arose.

“When is my Daddy coming?”

I was curious, especially given the fun times we were currently enjoying, why my young nephew of a mere 48 months wanted to know.

“What do you like so much about your Dad coming to get you?”

I figured that since the evening had arrived, the recently-turned 4-year-old possibly just wanted to go back home because there’s “no place like it” right? I was taken aback by his reply. To describe the remark as unforeseen wouldn’t do it justice. 

For the words that tumbled from the little guy’s lips couldn’t have tugged at my ticker Any Harder, as he remained blissfully unaware of the sweet reality in his precious life he’d just divulged:

“He’s my best fwiend!”

By Aunt Amy


“Caffeine Chromosome”

“Fantastically DELICIOUS Scones! What a great breakfast I enjoyed thanks to you.” followed with a purple heart emoji, was the text I sent my Mom after being treated with 2 of her scrumptious homemade scones for breakfast that morning.

My Mom was away meeting friends for morning coffee. With different friends from all walks of life, she’s never at a loss for some fun company. A Cup O’ Joe in hand, I do believe, aids just about everything in life to run a bit smoother.

Not alone was I, as along with the scones a 16 ounce black Bubba mug holding iced Dunkin Donuts caramel-coffee-cake-flavored coffee was perched to my left. Soon the mug’s contents would be swallowed & replaced by a second cup, this time Tim Hortons decaf.

Never can get enough of the good stuff. But I’m beginning to think that sort of behavior runs in the fam . . .

After returning home & readying to exit my bedroom following a quick chat, my sweet Mother apparently failed to see the obvious irony in her final statement that whacked me in the face like a hard-hitting 2X4 – 

Did she not JUST COME BACK from having the Very Same Thing???

“I’m gonna go have some coffee.”

mom pic.PNG

The End

By Amy