“Code Brown”

“AHHHHHHH!” I yelped in total terror as my eyes bulged in fright while the brown bear advanced towards me. My early lunch of an egg salad sandwich was instantly forgotten as panic plowed through every bone in my body.

“GRRRRRRR, GRRRRRRR!” viciously growled the goliath beast. I tossed up my napkin in front of me just for the sake of adding drama to the encounter & then . . .

just as I’d hoped my 1 & 1/2 year old nephew burst into giggles as he “scared” his Aunt Mahmee holding a furry brown bear puppet.

 At my house we were watching 2 little ones, a boy & a girl, that day. At one point for several minutes the babies toddled into my room. My Mom entered as well. We showed the curious youngsters how to use my relaxing head massager & back scratcher. Anything can be made into a plaything.

back scratcher & head massager

 But the blue ribbon vocals of the day have to go to the boy’s Grandma. Both far less than even 2 years of age, one child spoke more than the other but understandably, both kids are much too young to be expected to respond to every comment or question thrown their way – now there’s an unrealistic outlook if I ever heard one.

And it is for that very reason that, however well intended, Grandma’s instruction to the tiny children was not only a hoot to overhear but downright preposterous:

“Whoever pooped raise your hand!”

mom pic


The End


By Aunt Amy


“The Phrase”

playscape at Ward.JPG

“Hey Amy!”


“Can you close the door?”


A polite thanks was immediately shouted from my 4th grade nephew in his basement the second I shut the door that opened at the top of the stairs. But earlier:

“Let me help you,” she told her son. “Are you a nice man?” she inquired of the one year old as she strapped him in his car seat.

I relish days like today when I am privileged to hang out with my sister & her gang. Today we had two tikes in tow.

“Awdop,” voiced the boy youngster speaking his own version of the word. By now my nephew of 1 is quite accustomed to seeing me frequently give myself eyedrops. Thus, he had to mention an “awdop” when he saw me pull one from my purse.

“Do you want water?” Mommy asked her toddler later at a play area where he could freely run around.

And the words her son uttered?

No more than rock solid evidence of his

undoubtedly impressive upbringing as

Mini Mr. Manners replied:

“No da du!”

(Translation – “No thank you!”)


The End

By Aunt Amy



Short, Sweet & WARM + 2 Tips Included

cold 1-15-19.PNG2 things I learned today venturing outside to go to Trader Joe’s & Costco in 20 degree winter weather that with a wind chill factored in felt like I was freezing my butt off inside an icicle:

  1. Don’t go out if you can help it.


  1. Put on 2 PAIRS OF FRESH SOCKS when you get home after being out in the cold; it’ll help a great deal in warming up faster!

P.S. Yes, I know how ridiculous I look, & no, I don’t care – as warming up efforts trump fashionable efforts any day of the week.



“Good One, Dude”


“Everybody loves somebody sometime!” his Grandma gleefully belted out as the three of us – her, her grandson who just wrapped up playing sports for the day, & me – sat in her car crawling through the Ice Festival traffic in downtown Plymouth. We were on our way to pick up 2 small gluten-free cheese with cheese/butter crust pizzas at Hungry Howie’s.

At one point as we crept along the road an Australian accent was employed by the boy of 12. Click the video to hear a playful tidbit of the action.

Just prior to that we had fun attending his 2 basketball games that Sunday afternoon. My sister who’s an extremely talented cook, sent along with my Mom & me each a delicious container of a pasta, chicken & broccoli dish with a tasty sauce. Gluten free & good till the last bite. For once I was actually happy to eat at the pace of a snail!

carrie's cooking 1-13-19

My niece & her friend also came along to watch the games & added to the enjoyment of our outing. A few of us exchanged jokes in the back of the vehicle during the drive to the games.

The undisputed winning joke that I never before heard came from the boy who’s very nice & a great close friend to my also 8-year-old niece. He delivered “Yo’ Mama” humor.

Since the sharing was all in good fun I think the following is well deserving of a good natured chuckle.

“Yo’ mama’s so fat she calls the ocean her hot tub.”


The End

By Aunt Amy


“The Film”


“What’s that?”

”It’s a decoration on my hat.” My youngest niece pointed out a yellow-colored mark she noticed on the side of the dark blue hat I wore.

“Blue & yellow! Michigan colors!” enthusiastically exclaimed my 5-year-old nephew sitting next to us. The funny thing was watching him instruct his younger sister on the couch after first learning & approving of my preference of the 2 universities:

“Say Michigan, it’s better than State!”

Before that I was downstairs in their house playing with them plus 2 more of my nieces & nephews. The girl of 3 on my right had a question. My reply came in a whisper as I quietly answered among the chatter of her siblings surrounding us. Apparently my efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Because no sooner had I finished speaking then my 9-year-old nephew drew on his outrageously accurate memory & spoke softly into my left ear.

Instantly I knew from which wildly popular Christmas flick he was parroting.

“I like to whisper too.”


 The End


By Aunt Amy