John 6:29 says, “Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.’”

People were created to live for the God Who created them.

God did not create a bustling workforce & command us to participate in its doings. God existed before the existence of the

chaos of today’s declining-in-values societies.
I have decided my work is to follow Jesus.
new on 10-11-'17

Nosebleed Etiquette

Well-equipped am I to offer helpful tips on proper action to take with a nosebleed, since back in my cancer-fighting years I had nosebleeds frequently, my longest clocking in at a bloody 24 hours.

  1. DO NOT tip your head back because then the blood runs down your throat.


  1. Keep your head upright to let the blood flow out of your body.


  1. Pinch & hold the top of your nose to help stop your nosebleed.


  1. Lastly, have many rags/washcloths/what have you, available to change frequently once they’re soaked with blood.

coldly meet their gaze? . . . no, but Kindly Greet Their Gaze? YES!

 Yesterday as my mind drifted back to events at Trader Joe’s on Tuesday, cemented was my brain on my brief – specifically less than 5 seconds – reaction to many children’s stares.

Through no fault of their own, given the fact that their young lives – I’m talking about numerous boys & girls I passed, probably around ages 6-10 – have yet to experience seeing many people looking “different” or “out of the ordinary” to them, I felt & indeed witnessed their stares as their eyes locked on me. I knew what they were thinking as they peered up at me with a confused look noticing first my cane & then nothing protruding from underneath my bucket hat: “Where’s her hair?”

In past times I’ve touched on this subject although this time, a day later it hit me more than ever: I am given upon spotting those innocent stares just one chance to offer a kind look & friendly wave (which I’m happy to report is sometimes returned), which will undoubtedly influence 1. the way in which these growing individuals behave & 2. help determine their comfort level (by hopefully increasing it), around people who are different than them in future times.

Big deal, right?

Actually it is, because maybe I  – or you or your relative or friend – am the very first person that the child has ever seen looking a certain way, & thus have been granted the awesome responsibility/privilege to forever influence their future reactions to other people’s unique appearances. This sign I spotted in a local shoe repair shop long ago says it all.




Ever heard of having an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’?  It takes work but I’m trying:

Thank you, God, for my stronger painless neck! I especially noticed the change last night riding my exercise bike & was immensely relieved; I could look upwards to my cell phone in my hands without discomfort as I pedaled for 20 minutes!

I attribute the cause of my

Colossal Neck Relief 

(where up until very recently I found it difficult to look upwards without extreme soreness & weakness)


  1. Sleeping On My Back (I changed my sleeping position from curling up on my right side, therefore tucking my head down which highly disturbed my neck on a daily basis, to making an effort to sleep on my back which includes me using a long pillow on my right side to remind me not to roll over)


  1. Monthly back & neck adjustments by my enormously skillful & remarkable chiropractor Dr. Paul Stiles in Novi, MI. I strongly recommend the incredible Dr. Stiles to improve faulty back, neck, & other conditions. Stiles 8-19-17.JPG