“Dishwasher Safe”

chicken noodle soup.JPG

It’s a daily – at the very least – undesired job but somebody’s gotta do it . . .  Little did I know that soon coming was the uncovering of twin truths.

“I’ll empty the dishwasher till you’re off,” I said trying to make a deal with my Mom who was on the computer that we both wanted to use. “Then you can finish emptying the rest.”

Honestly, all I planned to do on the laptop once she got off was google “models falling on runways” to get a good hearty laugh before our good hearty dinner.

The chicken for homemade chicken noodle soup was still in the oven & the celery & carrots still had to cook. Typical me, I have my food all figured out – my favorite thing is putting extra large pieces of chicken from my soup bowl next to me on a plate, to then eat with salt & tasty BBQ sauce.

“If you said you’re emptying the dishwasher, I’ll just stay on the computer till you’re all done then,” my Mom disclosed – to my total surprise – shortly after. I flipped around in astonishment to face her, in utter disbelief at what my ears were hearing.

But then again, I actually had a similar confession. “If I hear you emptying the dishwasher & I’m in my room or my bathroom, I’ll just stay there & wait till you’re done so I don’t have to help do it.”

Whaddya know, both of us, UNBEKNOWNST also to both of us, didn’t even think of STEPPING into the kitchen when the other was engaged in the Neverending Necessary Chore aka the dishwasher emptying process.

I’m tellin’ ya, our cackles sure roared when our identical revelations finally saw the light.

Takes one to know one.


By Amy on 10-11-18

Something to Think About



“Overdue Shoutout”

Mom at Boston's Quincy Market 2004

“I like Boy Scouts popcorn,” explained Barb my dental hygienist. “I pop it in my microwave & sometimes I put nothing on it, it’s so good!”

We were discussing an array of topics while she cleaned my teeth.

“The word “thorough” has a positive connotation,” I said while making a suggestion she use that term instead to describe herself after she revealed to me that some patients have labeled her as “picky.” She did take her time with each patient, but that was only because she genuinely cared for each person’s oral health. I know I appreciate it.

REWIND. . . With only 2 hours’ notice, my teeth cleaning appointment had suddenly been changed from next Monday to 1:30 that very afternoon. I heated up my Mom’s incredibly scrumptious homemade beef meatloaf for lunch, scarfed it with a little ketchup & we were on our way.

Oh but that’s not all. Or even a little bit. Upon my busy & productive Mom finishing her multitude of morning tasks, both at home & while she was out, we were now headed straight back to the same area from which she had just now returned! Going back again. For me. Without a second thought or the teeniest complaint. Gosh.

Flash forward on the way home from the U of M dentist driving through downtown Plymouth: an endless mob of green-tee-shirt-wearing children delayed for several minutes our right turn. Obviously from a nearby school, the group continued for several minutes, stragglers followed by stragglers followed by even more. It felt like one of those trains that go by, taking its own sweet time.

Many, many hours after she began accomplishing much, I know I, for one, was more than ready to get off my feet & eat. Now, prior to the tooth outing, heck, all I’d done was exercise, shower & read. My companion? CLEARLY, as already mentioned above, So Very Much More.

What she spoke next couldn’t have been a bigger understatement. For her anyway:

“It’s been a long day so far.”

The End

By your youngest kid you back in the day called “Lulabelle” who is excessively impressed by your ADMIRABLE strong selfless giving nature

October 10, 2018 


human beings vs. God – And the winner is . . .

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Galatians 1:10

A former Bible study group a few years ago, seeking to serve Our Creator

I’m trying to be a

good servant of God;

that’s all that

needs to matter.

Several Quotes for Smart People – Yes, that would be You

“Smart people never tolerate having to please everybody. They just don’t go there.”

“Smart people do not talk down to themselves. They may have a moment but they don’t turn on themselves. Smart people just don’t go there. What’s the point?”

“Smart people don’t surround themselves with negative naysayer people who don’t support you  And don’t dump on yourself. It doesn’t contribute to anything.”

“Smart people don’t follow a crowd. A mob would do what a person alone wouldn’t dream of doing.”

“Smart people don’t bother to explain themselves to people on another planet.” (meaning other people not listening or caring or having the TEENIEST BIT of a similar mindset & interests as you)

“Smart people are not lazy.”

Smart people don’t measure the quality of life in dollars.


– Dr.Laura’s opening talk on her radio show