Ever heard of having an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’?  It takes work but I’m trying:

Thank you, God, for my stronger painless neck! I especially noticed the change last night riding my exercise bike & was immensely relieved; I could look upwards to my cell phone in my hands without discomfort as I pedaled for 20 minutes!

I attribute the cause of my

Colossal Neck Relief 

(where up until very recently I found it difficult to look upwards without extreme soreness & weakness)


  1. Sleeping On My Back (I changed my sleeping position from curling up on my right side, therefore tucking my head down which highly disturbed my neck on a daily basis, to making an effort to sleep on my back which includes me using a long pillow on my right side to remind me not to roll over)


  1. Monthly back & neck adjustments by my enormously skillful & remarkable chiropractor Dr. Paul Stiles in Novi, MI. I strongly recommend the incredible Dr. Stiles to improve faulty back, neck, & other conditions. Stiles 8-19-17.JPG





 Get-together . . .

 . . . With the incredible Eugene Antonelli & his remarkable daughter Mia!!!

Positive Points Prevail:

♦ Delicious lunch, thanks to Eugene, of a scrumptious Italian wrap at Leo’s Coney Island

♦ Even better than the midday meal was the Coolest & Kindest Company Ever that I had the pleasure of conversing & laughing with

♦ Being invited to accompany Mia for her upcoming haircut to very selflessly & generously donate her lovely brunette locks to make a wig for a person in need of hair!

♦ Meeting awesome new friends – because nothing beats the beginning of 2 new & Fabulous Friend Relationships Eugene & Mia Antonelli 8-17-17


Why Not?

Because I’m going to enjoy a movie night here later with my friend &


standards are set to judge or critiques are made here tonight when

Comfort Is Key,

even if you’re in a stained wife-beater, no makeup, no hat anywhere in sight cuz it’s just too dang hot . . .

Everyone needs at least 1 place where they can just
Be Themselves.

FIGHTIN’ WORDS!! – or not

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15


Two Tips for me, & maybe it’ll help you too, to maintain & promote PEACE, which is very challenging but doable, are:

1. Keep silent so fighting & argumentative speech doesn’t escape your lips.
2. Keep your distance so you’re not tempted to do or say something you’ll regret.