coldly meet their gaze? . . . no, but Kindly Greet Their Gaze? YES!

 Yesterday as my mind drifted back to events at Trader Joe’s on Tuesday, cemented was my brain on my brief – specifically less than 5 seconds – reaction to many children’s stares.

Through no fault of their own, given the fact that their young lives – I’m talking about numerous boys & girls I passed, probably around ages 6-10 – have yet to experience seeing many people looking “different” or “out of the ordinary” to them, I felt & indeed witnessed their stares as their eyes locked on me. I knew what they were thinking as they peered up at me with a confused look noticing first my cane & then nothing protruding from underneath my bucket hat: “Where’s her hair?”

In past times I’ve touched on this subject although this time, a day later it hit me more than ever: I am given upon spotting those innocent stares just one chance to offer a kind look & friendly wave (which I’m happy to report is sometimes returned), which will undoubtedly influence 1. the way in which these growing individuals behave & 2. help determine their comfort level (by hopefully increasing it), around people who are different than them in future times.

Big deal, right?

Actually it is, because maybe I  – or you or your relative or friend – am the very first person that the child has ever seen looking a certain way, & thus have been granted the awesome responsibility/privilege to forever influence their future reactions to other people’s unique appearances. This sign I spotted in a local shoe repair shop long ago says it all.







 Get-together . . .

 . . . With the incredible Eugene Antonelli & his remarkable daughter Mia!!!

Positive Points Prevail:

♦ Delicious lunch, thanks to Eugene, of a scrumptious Italian wrap at Leo’s Coney Island

♦ Even better than the midday meal was the Coolest & Kindest Company Ever that I had the pleasure of conversing & laughing with

♦ Being invited to accompany Mia for her upcoming haircut to very selflessly & generously donate her lovely brunette locks to make a wig for a person in need of hair!

♦ Meeting awesome new friends – because nothing beats the beginning of 2 new & Fabulous Friend Relationships Eugene & Mia Antonelli 8-17-17


Why Not?

Because I’m going to enjoy a movie night here later with my friend &


standards are set to judge or critiques are made here tonight when

Comfort Is Key,

even if you’re in a stained wife-beater, no makeup, no hat anywhere in sight cuz it’s just too dang hot . . .

Everyone needs at least 1 place where they can just
Be Themselves.

Epic Equation

Comfort food for lunch at “Tom+Chee”


18-year friendship with Katie as we recognize our 1/2 birthdays


Another reason to rejoice after learning of my completely clean bill of health this morning at my doctor appointment


A Tiramisu cupcake for each of us


1 huge reason all rolled into 1 to


Katie on 7-17-17 my last dr app't with Dr. Yanik

I cannot believe this day. Pinch me!

 The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Psalm 28:7

 Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.

Psalm 100:4

Sad? Happy? No Other Adjective Properly Describes This Strange Feeling

Truthfully, the thought never even remotely came close to crossing my mind. Little did I know that at my routine bone marrow transplant check-up this morning, it’d be my last.

His words in a nutshell: “Your primary care doctors have written detailed notes on you, & you’re doing really good,” Dr. Yanik reported. “You don’t need to see me anymore.”


I’ve been regularly seeing the indescribably spectacular Dr. Yanik for the last 17 years of my life, since I was 16 years old!

Weird, but I almost feel like the good news is a giant slap in the face.

On the 1 hand, it’s fantastic to hear I’m in such good condition

– my blood counts are within normal range &

– my immune system is pretty much back to normal (finally!!!)

but on the other hand, a steady part of my life for the past 17 years is unexpectedly being stripped away.

≡ My 2 unrelated bone marrow transplants,

≡ 60 infusions of Arsenic,

≡  Countless transfusions of blood products,

≡ Too many Intensive Care hospital admissions,

≡ Months spent admitted on the cancer floor,

≡ Rare Moments of Positive Medical News,

≡ Devastating Times of Especially Menacing Health Crises &

≡ Years upon years of doctor check-ups like today’s:

It all adds up to

Many Very Significant Lifelong Memories

that equal

A Patient Who Will Not Miss being sick,

but will miss

her all-time favorite physician who was with her while she was.

Dr. Yanik 7-17-17 on my last visit.PNG

Dr. Yanik my last visit 7-17-17


C affeine

O stensibly

F uels

F or

E ssential

E nergizing

Friday I got a Keurig coffee maker for 20% off at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I also got Paul Newman’s organic medium roast coffee & gluten free caramel creamer, that’s about as healthy as I personally can get it & still enjoy the flavor a lot. Keurig coffee maker 7-14-17.JPG

The machine is so easy! All you do is pour water in, put the pod in its place, & press “brew.” . . .

That’s about the extent of my attention span making things in the kitchen. Cleaning is easy too, there’s nothing to it.

7-14-17.JPG As my energy level’s clearly decreased over the years due to continuing effects of my eight-year cancer combat, I’m thankful for the obvious energizing boost from my fairly newfound love of coffee, including the Keurig coffee maker I bought yesterday that makes drinking my latest beverage of choice simple – & cheaper since I won’t have to shell out nearly $5/visit for a cup of joe outside my home!