“Broccoli Donuts”

Ry at our laptop being smart as always 11-27-18

“What do you want to do Aunt Amy?”

“Why don’t you play tic tac toe?”

And we did, per her Grandma’s helpful suggestion of how to occupy our time. I showed my bright niece ways to strategize to increase chances of winning. Even so, she genuinely whipped my butt in our first 3 matches because I mistakenly looked to block her pieces rather than promote my side.

Our homemade board was actually made of felt, with blue X’s that I named blueberry pretzels after deciding to call my own green O’s exactly what they appeared to be, unappetizing broccoli-flavored donuts.

Prior to playtime I gave my niece her spelling test & also helped the second grader with other things from her homework packet; one part involved answering questions about 4 different stories, kinda like 4 mini book reports. One question about a book wanted details in more than one complete sentence.

I offered: “You can say ‘The book was funny’ if it made you laugh.” So she did. But we still needed one more statement.

“How do you spell ‘crazy’?” asked the 8-year-old. I advised her to instead use the term ‘silly’ so she didn’t name call a character in the book ‘crazy’.

Neither of us suspected that listening to our every word was her fourth grade brother on the other side of the wall using the laptop. The ears of the unassuming hotshot instantly picked up on my brain blunder & by golly, quicker than cold comes in a Michigan winter came his incessantly impeccable input:

“Actually, ‘funny’ & ‘silly’ are synonyms

so technically that’s the same sentence.”


The End

By Aunt Amy