“Wait For It, Wait For It”

Kelly 8-19-16

“Guess how old my patient was?”

I took a shot in the dark. Of course I was wrong.

“104,” replied my friend the talented phlebotomist. “Her son wheeled her in. I thought she looked 80.”

Incredibly, my chum dons many more hats during her bustling days as a joyous newlywed; role model to her 10 younger siblings; hardworking nursing student; caring friend to many; faithful churchgoer; Bible study member; occasional piano player in our church’s music ministry; & yes, the list even continues!

On top of that, while I’m content bee-bopping around in whatever’s comfy at the moment, my fashionable friend ceaselessly appears – check out this newly minted phrase – “put-together-pretty.” 

Kelly 3-1-17

Wednesday afternoon fun was had conversing about family & the latest events in our lives, after we first enjoyed a Trader Joe’s gluten-free cheese pizza doctored up with garlic powder, oregano & fresh pepperonis on every inch.

Relating to two of my multi-skilled gal pal’s impressive endeavors as a nursing student simultaneously working as a phlebotomist, I end with a giggle-worthy googled piece that takes a silly spin on the aforementioned fact:

“Why do nurses bring red magic markers into work?”

“In case they have to draw blood.”

The End

Kelly 11-9-2016

By Amy


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