4th “Did You Know . . . ?” list after an unbelievably long period of time:

ppp 046

Did You Know . . .

♦ 10 . . . in my third grade class I was tattling on a boy named Ryan for his language, but since my parents didn’t allow me to say the “bad” word he said, I horribly confused my teacher by telling her: “Ryan said” then sucked on my thumb in my mouth, which in my third grade brain was telling her “Ryan said ‘sucks’”?

♣ 9 . . . inside my wallet is my state ID card instead of a license, since physical limitations prevented me from driving a car starting 15 years ago?

♦ 8 . . . I was so determined to learn to knit that after my first instruction at age 17 where I was told it would be hard to teach me since even instruction books are written for right-handed knitters, I bought an intro to knitting book at Jo-Ann Fabrics & that very same night learned all by myself how to cast stitches on a knitting needle despite being a lefty?

♣ 7 . . . twice a month I work in the church nursery where one cute toddler always attempts to play with my cane & finds it no matter where I try to stash it out of his sight?

♦ 6 . . .  my second oldest niece of 7 & I both crack UP hard when she asks me to “smile,” because she already knows that due to my facial paralysis a “smile” on my altered mug appears uniquely weird?

♣ 5 . . .  as soon as I eliminated most sugar from my regular eating the end of July this year, without trying 1 iota I was very surprised to see I had quickly dropped 8 lbs?

♦ 4 . . . among dozens of other details (which is 1 reason why I LOVE reading), I learned while reading “The Girl with Seven Names” by Hyeonseo Lee who defected from North Korea, that in North Korea “songbun” is a term used to describe a person’s status in their community that affects factors including job opportunities & amounts of food citizens are given?

♣ 3 . . . one, Leaning on God to carry my big & small burdens; two, Striving to live with a purpose, which to me is making all of my life’s decisions to honor Jesus by first thinking of what He would do in the same circumstances; & three, Remembering despite the challenge of it, to show Forgiveness & Love to people, are three of my most important life goals?

♦ 2 . . .  if in fact I had a bucket list, zip lining several hundreds of feet in the air over a colorful lively forest would be #1?

♣ 1 . .  . purely for the kids’ (my nieces & nephews) entertainment to make them laugh hysterically, I sometimes act totally silly & give in to my complete lack of balance & shake my arms up & down in front of my midsection while bouncing haphazardly around in a circle like a nutcase?

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