As water reflects the face,

so one’s life reflects the heart.

Proverbs 27:19

My advice based on personal experiences: Remain confident & strong, not allowing people’s critical harsh reactions to influence you to feel bad about yourself in the least, if you 100% KNOW that during the interaction your


♦ Heart,

♦ Attitude &

♦ Behavior


were in the

 Right place,

Feeling the right thing &

 Acting the right way.





John 6:29 says, “Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.’”

People were created to live for the God Who created them.

God did not create a bustling workforce & command us to participate in its doings. God existed before the existence of the

chaos of today’s declining-in-values societies.
I have decided my work is to follow Jesus.
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“Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some”

***To ensure authenticity in the below story, selfies shown were snapped privately immediately following said comments.***


“. . . 8-0,” my Mom called out as she rattled off to me the last 2 digits of the phone number of an office I needed to call in the morning.


With a football game blaring in the background from our family room television, Sunday evening just after 9 my Dad ate cereal in the kitchen, his new favorite combo of Trader Joe’s Corn Flakes mixed with their Rice Crispies. I eat the same kinds just not combined.

“Eat a banana too cuz you need the potassium!” called out my constantly caregiving Mother.

I’d wandered out of my room from watching my favorite show “Blue Bloods.” Give me TV, give me action. I cannot sit & watch a screen with nothing on it happening. Or something lame like characters meandering in their apartment. Puke. Gimme good guys collaring bad guys over that any day of the year.

Moving on to bigger & better & funnier things. Good thing my self-worth comes from Above or else man, I’d be in deep trouble!

I was dressed way down in comfy old faded green sweats, a dowdy grey t-shirt & a bare face I’d washed the make-up from immediately upon returning home & changing from our morning church service, so not looking presentable, but still, I’m out to impress . . . nada. And although I had sat down across the table from my Father with the chock-full-of-kindness intent to keep him company while he ate, he apparently didn’t see it that way. Or rather, see ME that way.

He shot me nary a decent glance before matter-of-factly doling out his unsolicited opinion.

“I feel like you look.” 

Oh gee, thanks Dad, but what do you REALLY think?

“You look terrible.”

The End

By “Aimer” on my oldest nephew’s 14th birthday


P.S. The Entire Ensemble 9-24-18.PNG

It’s Rainin’ Men, Hallelujah!


Ideally us women would just get over an issue & move on with life like guys can. It drives me nuts if I think about it. Gimme a guy to hang out with any day of the week. 12-16-13

“Women need to learn to be more assertive in the real world so they don’t get their feelings hurt.

I seriously think women should have to take men classes. I really do.”

Also said by Dr. Laura, I’m paraphrasing this quote from her, “Men let things roll off their back and women react to the same event creating drama by becoming emotional with hurt feelings.”


 – pedaling on my recumbent exercise bike Friday while listening to Dr. Laura on SiriusXM channel 109