Two Good Points & a P.S.

Saaid Billy Graham, to reinforce its importance, “God established the home before any other institution.”


“The home is the very foundation of our society.”

P.S. I was reminded in a big way, while listening to Graham on the radio, that everyone – EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING OUT THERE – will cause you disappointment. Only Jesus will never disappoint. So at first I was thrilled to have found a Christian station I can listen to while riding my exercise bike. I (mistakenly) elevated Billy Graham too high, thinking that he was such a great follower of God, not for a second thinking I’d hear crap today like I did:

So Graham tells a pretend story of a wife choosing her husband’s secretary to avoid any chance of an improper relationship developing between the husband & secretary. In other words, she purposely chose someone unattractive so her husband would never be tempted to stray.

Then a male friend of the husband asks him in reference to the secretary, “So what is she? A blond or a brunette?”

Answers the husband, “She’s bald.”

The crowd snickered immediately after Billy Graham finished speaking, which was clearly his intended purpose in telling the story. Graham’s message was: Bald women are ugly. Billy Graham told this story with no regard to its cruel effects on certain listeners with no hair. By no control of my own I am a bald woman; the fact that I lack hair is out of my hands!

Am I now supposed to feel hideous & unwanted because I am bald?

Let’s look at the ♥, not outward appearances in a person like in Billy Graham’s disappointing wretched tale.cropped-amy-facing-sideways-bald-016.jpg

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