“Did I Do That?”

Urkel too

/To do the Steve Urkel dance/

/All you gotta do is hitch up your pants/

/Bend your knees & stick out your pelvis/

/I’m tellin’ ya baby it’s better than Elvis/

Many recall our favorite televised dork Steve Urkel from the sitcom “Family Matters” that first aired in ’89. We’ll never forget how the hugely popular dweeb was famous for things like his

colossal craving for cheese;

infamous comment “I’ve fallen & I can’t get up”;

oversized glasses;

always wearing suspenders;

incessant question “Did I do that?” whenever accidents occurred &

his signature saunter that made him look like he had a permanent atomic wedgie.

. . . On the couch that morning I sat folding laundry, a task I welcome because it’s easy, clean & helpful all rolled into 1. I spotted a pair of different-shades-of-pink pajama pants with a flowery print in the small pile, so I understandably assumed they belonged to my Mom. Till I held them up to fold & saw they were actually child-sized.

Okay. No children were over at the moment but since we enjoy the company of youngsters frequently, we have a dresser for kids’ clothes. That makes perfect sense, right? But I noticed these particular pj pants were way too long for the 1-year-old who was over recently. That led to my inquiry, “Who wore these?”

***Now’s a good time to reveal another trademark of the hugely renowned character Steve Urkel: always having the top of his pants hitched ridiculously high over his scrawny mid-section.

Turns out it was the small child of 1 who’d in fact worn the pants in question. Explaining how she fit them: Spoken like a true fan of TV’s number one nerd – & not even realizing the humor of her words – my Mom without missing a beat transformed the geeky sitcom star’s name into a likewise geeky verb:

“I Urkled ‘em.”



The End

By Amy on 8-24-18




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