“Joy to the World”

“It was like this green gooey stuff,” my nephew told me in his vehicle Wednesday. “It was so gross.”

Got that right. The boy of almost 10 was describing his experience at last year’s extraordinary Christmas play at his church. Where he stepped in animal poop. Chugging right along . . .

“Are you gonna be in the play again this year?” I asked during our discussion while his Mom was in a store to check an errand off her list. When he wasn’t sure I informed the almost 4th grader that his older brother was already signed on again as drummer boy, so he’d probably participate too. In kids’ choir, he then declared.

The play became the temporary topic of our time:

“Act 1 is more like songs but I couldn’t be in Act 2 last year because they didn’t have braces back then. I can this year, I just won’t wear my retainer.” Not surprising was it to hear that the brainy boy ALREADY had it all figured out.

Based on his above explanation I was pretty sure Act 2 focused on characters & scenes of Biblical times, where obviously his braces would not have fit in the equation. To confirm my thinking I asked about the second Act. He clearly, however, underestimated my grasp of the situation.

If the expression “Duh” was personified it would’ve been the look on his face. I guess Aunt Amy doesn’t exactly radiate smart jeans.

“Act 2 was after Act 1.”


By Aunt Amy


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