“Up, Up & A Weigh”

“I wasn’t even trying to lose weight but I went from 138 & today I was 132.8,” I told my oldest sister behind the wheel. “It’s just from cutting out sugar & eating more veggies.” Very glad I was because a thinner self means less weight for my knees to bear.

Monday August 6 I was invited to the pool/play area facility with my sis & her 5 kids. Since I hadn’t gone swimming in about a year, I was super excited!

My sweet niece just 12 days shy of turning 8 was an immense help to me as I navigated my way around the cool pool. Shooting from the blue slide 3 times was a highlight FOR SURE.

During my first trip to the slide, I welcomed the assistance of my niece as I held tight to her left hand for extra stability. My teetery trek toward the slide located on one end of the large pool apparently got my niece thinking as the youngster & I discussed where we were headed – & to her credit, the selfless child was only trying to help.

Nonetheless, the little one clearly has yet to receive the memo that saying the wrong thing to a woman can make her feel as big as a whale, & we females tend to be rather sensitive on the topic of our numbers on the scale:

“How much do you weigh?”

Forget about my cute floral tankini. I suddenly felt like an overstuffed buffalo . . .  I guess I looked like one, too.

“There’s a weight limit.”



The End

P.S. 400 lbs. is the slide’s weight limit.

By Aunt Amy

8-6-18 8-6-18 Castle Gardens

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