Live Like That

11 Teach me your way, Lord;
    lead me in a straight path
    because of my oppressors.
12 Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes,
    for false witnesses rise up against me,
    spouting malicious accusations.

13 I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord

Psalm 27:11-14

“A Mouthful”

“Isn’t there Guernsey cows?” I wondered aloud.

“There’s Jersey cows,” replied my Aunt Wendy whose house we – we being my Mom & I – were over to view a long-named historical film: “The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society.” Now that’s a mouthful!

My aunt served delicious salami, cucumber slices & goat cheese circles on a shiny 3-tiered dish. The movie finally shown on Netflix took much longer than its allotted time since loads of inevitable girl talk dominated our visit as well.

Generosity came a-knockin’, or rather a-drinkin’, when I was given a new bag of K-cups to make the same kind of coffee in my own Keurig that my Aunt Wendy shared with us while we enjoyed being over.

The book-inspired film of the same name that centered around our visit was based on a true story about a writer from London exchanging letters with residents of Guernsey island, which was German-occupied during WWII.

“It’s really well-made,” my aunt observed during its playing.

“The people’s costumes look like an old-fashioned J.Crew catalog,” I replied in agreement. “I’ve been thinking that for a while.” Our nearly-4-hour-terrific-time-together visit flew by in a flash. That’s the sign of a SPECTACULAR HOST – Always leave your guests wanting more. After my Mom & I put on our sandals etc. to leave, we walked into the garage to our parked car with my awesome Aunt Wendy not far behind.

Employing the nickname & flubbed word of 1 of her beloved grandsons, his mispronunciation served to bid us farewell:

As Henny would say, ‘It was shupa fun!’”

The End

By Amy, 8-28-18

k-cups from Aunt Wendy 8-28-18

Two Good Points & a P.S.

Saaid Billy Graham, to reinforce its importance, “God established the home before any other institution.”


“The home is the very foundation of our society.”

P.S. I was reminded in a big way, while listening to Graham on the radio, that everyone – EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING OUT THERE – will cause you disappointment. Only Jesus will never disappoint. So at first I was thrilled to have found a Christian station I can listen to while riding my exercise bike. I (mistakenly) elevated Billy Graham too high, thinking that he was such a great follower of God, not for a second thinking I’d hear crap today like I did:

So Graham tells a pretend story of a wife choosing her husband’s secretary to avoid any chance of an improper relationship developing between the husband & secretary. In other words, she purposely chose someone unattractive so her husband would never be tempted to stray.

Then a male friend of the husband asks him in reference to the secretary, “So what is she? A blond or a brunette?”

Answers the husband, “She’s bald.”

The crowd snickered immediately after Billy Graham finished speaking, which was clearly his intended purpose in telling the story. Graham’s message was: Bald women are ugly. Billy Graham told this story with no regard to its cruel effects on certain listeners with no hair. By no control of my own I am a bald woman; the fact that I lack hair is out of my hands!

Am I now supposed to feel hideous & unwanted because I am bald?

Let’s look at the ♥, not outward appearances in a person like in Billy Graham’s disappointing wretched tale.cropped-amy-facing-sideways-bald-016.jpg


Woodside 8-26-18

“I think we have a passion problem when it comes to Christ.” The aim is a “zealous fervor for Jesus & His Gospel. Jesus is the Stamp of Affirmation on God’s Work.”

“Jesus CONDEMNS SPIRITUAL APATHY. A zeal for the Lord puts Him at the center. Be zealous & repent.”

And I’m also adding these superior strings of words –

“Being in church regularly is imperative for your growth.”

&  “Is there a compassion in your heart for those who are lost?”

 – Thanks to Pastor Jeremy 8-26-18, for another marvelous message


“Did I Do That?”

Urkel too

/To do the Steve Urkel dance/

/All you gotta do is hitch up your pants/

/Bend your knees & stick out your pelvis/

/I’m tellin’ ya baby it’s better than Elvis/

Many recall our favorite televised dork Steve Urkel from the sitcom “Family Matters” that first aired in ’89. We’ll never forget how the hugely popular dweeb was famous for things like his

colossal craving for cheese;

infamous comment “I’ve fallen & I can’t get up”;

oversized glasses;

always wearing suspenders;

incessant question “Did I do that?” whenever accidents occurred &

his signature saunter that made him look like he had a permanent atomic wedgie.

. . . On the couch that morning I sat folding laundry, a task I welcome because it’s easy, clean & helpful all rolled into 1. I spotted a pair of different-shades-of-pink pajama pants with a flowery print in the small pile, so I understandably assumed they belonged to my Mom. Till I held them up to fold & saw they were actually child-sized.

Okay. No children were over at the moment but since we enjoy the company of youngsters frequently, we have a dresser for kids’ clothes. That makes perfect sense, right? But I noticed these particular pj pants were way too long for the 1-year-old who was over recently. That led to my inquiry, “Who wore these?”

***Now’s a good time to reveal another trademark of the hugely renowned character Steve Urkel: always having the top of his pants hitched ridiculously high over his scrawny mid-section.

Turns out it was the small child of 1 who’d in fact worn the pants in question. Explaining how she fit them: Spoken like a true fan of TV’s number one nerd – & not even realizing the humor of her words – my Mom without missing a beat transformed the geeky sitcom star’s name into a likewise geeky verb:

“I Urkled ‘em.”



The End

By Amy on 8-24-18