“51 States”

With Parents July 26, '15 017.JPG

” . . . and my tooth came out.”

My Dad & I were lounging on our deck yesterday, him in his light orange swimsuit hoping to soak up as much sunshine as possible in a reclining chair Sarah my thoughtful sis gave him for Father’s Day, & me at the patio table on the deck’s corner in my big purple hat.

He was recounting life stories, & at the moment was recalling his own Dad being a baker in the Army. My Dad said he & his siblings – he’s the oldest of 5 – would beg their Dad to make them dishes. Finally he consented & made bread with a very thick tooth-cracking crust, hence the words of my storytelling father at the starting point of this very tale.

The 2 of us, my Dad & I, enjoy daily life together & conversing – INCLUDING SHARING MANY INSIDE JOKES – is but 1 thing we do. Another is every day, sometimes twice/day, tournaments of the card game “Secret.” To spice up the game occasionally we swap our “Secret” cards which largely determine the game’s outcome. In addition to our shared liking of vegetable medleys & a variety of ethnic foods like Thai & Meditteranean, we share a fondness for military-related books & TV shows & films. I joke that I’m the son he never had.

On Sunday, my Dad also told me about a time in his youth with buddies where the group was searched by law enforcement investigating a recent gun robbery. Knowing my on-the-go father has had numerous addresses throughout his single days in places like California & Ohio, I voiced my wondering of his whereabouts, only to be clobbered from left field with quite the crafty crack:

“What state were you in?”

“A state of confusion.”

The End

By #3 on the day before my half-birthday

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