“The Shield”

Mom & Ryan 060

“I want to spar with my brother,” he told me about the cool Captain America shield he’d just created with his Grandma. Like always, coupling the child’s particular interest with her incredible skills, Grandma took the helm to make yet another remarkable homemade project with 1 of her grandchildren.

In the family room I spent time with the boy.

“Always take advantage of the players who are awful,” my extremely sharp beginning-fourth-grade-in-the-fall nephew stated. He was referring to me.

In our game of Checkers I’d just admitted to him my thoughts of the game itself, mentioning my impatience of who eventually takes the first punch to get the ball rolling by sacrificing a piece to get jumped over. I don’t like games like this one & Monopoly that require strategy. To me, the necessity of much thinking in any game that is supposedly fun takes the fun right out of it.

Earlier sitting across from each other at the kitchen table, the bright boy & I conversed about wine – which is a weird topic to discuss with a child eating lunch but it was only after he mistakenly popped the top piece off a slice of apple he was eating. We talked about how cool the unplanned event of the flying apple chunk looked, & he said it looked like opening wine. I was, rightly so, quite flabbergasted. The kid’s only 9!

My nephew told me he’s seen wine opened in “tons of movies” upon me asking him how he knew what it looked like to open a wine bottle.

But WAIT!!!

Before the youngster elaborated by telling me he’s seen wine being opened in films like The Incredibles, I spoke, merely speculating as to how he knew what he knew. I never suspected my subsequent inquiry to be followed by his quick-thinking-5-word retort:

“Did you see The Parent Trap where the dad owns a winery?”

He sells kids that cry?”



By Aunt Amy


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