“That’s Life”

“It’s time to make an appointment for me to meet my new primary care doctor,” I mentioned to my Mom the third week in July. “I can tell him about my symptoms, too – it’ll be killing two birds with one stone.”

Yep, if my middle name wasn’t the 4 syllables of Elizabeth I would’ve made it the 4-syllable “E” word Efficiency.

Long story short, after meeting my new doc – which warrants an extended side note because after beginning my lifelong health adventure at the young age of just 13 back in ’97, it’s very strange for me to now be followed by a physician 2 years my junior – & speaking with him and then having a diagnostic blood test, I learned the reason behind my last few months of extraordinary weakness especially in my limbs in addition to an incessant strong headache & tongue as dry as sandpaper. Not one to dwell on negatives in my life, I pushed through.

The absolute BEST reactions –

the most unhelpful dreadfully WORST THINGS to receive are no question by far, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, messages of pity or depressing lines like “I’m so sorry!”

– to a person’s news of illness are to offer happy positive words of encouragement or to put a funny twist on the situation – like Paul whose card said back when I was a young teen diagnosed with leukemia: “I would’ve made you chicken soup but you’re not that kind of sick.”

Acute pancreatitis put me at greater risk for this latest challenge. I’m not scared or nervous because this ain’t my first rodeo. I now am fighting diabetes with all I’ve got with God’s Strength on my side. Wouldn’t you also want Someone as Powerful fighting alongside you? Trust in God & all will turn out exactly the way it’s supposed to!


The End

P.S. I like crackers in my soup. 7-10-18

By Amy


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