“The Beat Goes On”

“Waaaaaaaaaaah!! Waaaaah!”

Heartbreaking was leaving my sobbing nephew too little to comprehend just why he wasn’t able to accompany us – “us” being his beloved Grandma, 2 of his older brothers, his older sister & me – back to my house from his. Having just turned one last month, the tiny tyke still stuck to his loving Mother’s (my older sister) side.

“I’ll have a third,” spoke the growing teenager shortly after. Then I lost count how many homemade gluten-free crepes my nephew devoured back in my kitchen. Maybe 1 more after that. It’s great to see a healthy appetite!

Together my niece, Mom & I played the game “Sorry” where I ended up coming in last. Next my niece & I painted on half sheets of off-white watercolor paper. See the pic of her right hand holding a paintbrush? Lauren & I painted 7-20-18

Minutes before I asked a question to the boy of 9. He sat at the black kitchen table my handy Mom had worked on to make level the day prior. His reply jogged a memory that nowadays never sees the light of day. I’ve heard those exact same words uttered many times years ago while growing up.

In a controlled soft-spoken yell befitting his current mood, exited a reminiscent phrase that struck me as quite comical since the

expression itself as well as its deadpan delivery

was no doubt inspired by one of the 2 who gave him life:

“Heck to the no it isn’t!” Ryan 7-20-18

The End


By Aunt Amy

July 20, 2018





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