“The Tush”

my arm 7-7-18

“That’s why she had kids,” she joked about her Mom employing a couple of her children to carry large items just purchased to their van for her. As if!

My sister would NEVER use her older offspring to lug items to her vehicle while she held their 2-month-old baby brother – oh, wait, yeah, that’s what families do. Everyone pitches in to help. Many hands make light work. You get the point.

Thus, my niece along with her older brother carried stuff out of Lowe’s. Earlier that day I was also in the presence of all 3 nephews & both nieces.

“Look at this tan line,” I showed the 2 oldest kids, my nephew, 9, & niece, 7, who happened to be around me at the moment. I held out my arm so they could see my left forearm where my tan stops since that area is covered by my orthotics wrist cast. Quite a noticeable difference appears in the white versus bronze-looking skin.

My arm’s coloring looks a little weird but it’s not a big deal, although curiosity did get the best of a friend of mine last summer who inquired about the obvious skin color discrepancy.

BUTT leave it to my thoughtful aforementioned nephew for putting his rear in gear to make me feel like I wasn’t alone:

 “That’s how my derrière is.”


The End


By Aunt Amy


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