“Like, okay”

“Did Bear really win?” my Mom asked me about her 4-year-old grandson.

“When he was off telling you he was winning, I’d slip Kings & Aces & other high cards into his pile.” I had to. The card game “War” is interminable unless such sly measures are taken.

Thankfully, visiting was my sister along with her 3 youngest while their brother & sister took part in their school’s end-of-the-year Field Day. Earlier the boy with the animal nickname asked me to spell his name. He wanted to sign his name on the picture he was drawing.

“H . . . ,” I started to say until peering at his nature drawing. He’d already written out his nickname in all caps & apparently wanted to ensure it was correct. He was right on the money!

“I want some milk, please,” politely spoke my niece, 2, as she saw me having it in cereal for breakfast while her & her bro sat on either side of me at the kitchen table drawing with markers. (Almond milk is my milk product of choice since I don’t care for the “regular” kind of milk’s cow-ish flavor. Ew. But then again, my dear Aunt Wendy refuses to call it almond milk on the grounds that you “can’t milk an almond.” Variety IS undoubtedly the spice of life.)

Anyways, I digress. Kids are growing up faster & faster these days which sometimes means they know things that listening adults may think is a little premature for their age.

Consequently, when my young nephew of 4 & I played the card game “War” & eventually arrived at the point where he was the hands-down-no-bones-about-it winner, popped out of his mouth an exclamation one would think you’d hear from um, ya know, whatev . . . a person four times his age, let’s say, like, duh, a teenage girl:


The End

By Aunt Amy

June 4, 2018



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