“The Soon-to-be Student”

Harrison 5-22-18.JPG


“What are twins?”

“They have the same outfit.”

Just to ensure I heard him right, a minute later I repeated the inquiry. “What are twins?”

“They have the same clothes,” responded the 4-year-old.

My firsthand look at the growing lives of my 10, count ‘em 10, nieces & nephews is ceaselessly amusing. Hearing their takes on things they’ve encountered in their world is a precious – okay mostly HILARIOUS – thing to witness.

“I’m gonna win you Aunt Amy!” yelled the aforementioned boy as he bounded down the stairs to play Duplos, which he’d been constantly begging me the last 20 minutes to do. He really meant “I’m gonna beat you Aunt Amy!” aka go downstairs faster than me, but that’s why I adore young ones like him. Never a dull comment. And the heart-tugging . . .

The tenderhearted little guy was adamant to avoid putting away certain Duplos when time came to clean up before our next game began: “But not the ones I made because they’re for Mom & Dad & Sam,” he protested. “They’re special.”


Before going down the basement I explained what his flashcards were that he received minutes prior as a gift. Each card showed a letter of the alphabet and an animal beginning with the same letter. We went through several – he correctly said “Z” for Zebra & “F” for Fox among others – before the boy lost interest but he did okay. Okay for a child starting preschool in a few months.

Clearly the kid already knows the most important lesson: that people are what truly matter in life. That’s why differentiating letters from numbers is “O”-so overrated:

“Zero for Owl.”



By Aunt Amy



Harrison 5-22-18 Duplos

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