“Spaghetti Cookie Dough”

Cookies 1-17-18

“Mom, can I have gum to be cool?” asked my 4-year-old nephew after seeing me pop a piece.

I fondly remember the good ole days back when chewing gum coincided with high status. Oh, youngsters . . .

“Jacket Poopy Head!” the boy was called by his younger sister of 2 when she became displeased with his behavior during our downstairs matching game. He was winning but kids always seem to find something to fuss about, don’t they? The 3 of us – well, 2, really – even played part of our card game “War” on the bum of the 2-year-old after she decided to sprawl out & remain unmoving in between us during our battle.

A few days earlier his cousins were at my house and my 7-year-old niece was making chocolate chip cookie dough with her Grandma. Accepting full responsibility of my duties as Aunt Amy, I purposefully marched to each of her 3 older brothers – ages 13, 11 & 9 – to inform them of something of the utmost importance: Our code word would be “spaghetti” which I would yell upon observing chocolate chips being poured into the silver cookie dough bowl & thus ready to snatch.

Sure enough, the crucial time came, I yelled “Spaghetti!” & 6 feet came pounding into the kitchen to grab spoons from the drawer to scoop spoonfuls of fun & delicious memories. What a life!

Back to where I began with my gum-loving 4-year-old nephew, a joy it is to get an up close personal look at these precious children growing up. I adore hearing their humorous takes on the world & their lives but sometimes wouldn’t mind not knowing EVERYTHING.

Confiding to me his latest growing up experience, modest Aunt Amy would’ve been just fine kept totally in the dark about this one –

“My Mom doesn’t need to wipe my butt anymore.”

The End


By Aunt Amy







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