“One Upped”

“It’s what my brother calls a ‘mankini,’” explained my nephew after approaching me in the garage looking very silly with his blue t-shirt rolled up & twisted to resemble just what he said – a boy version of a bikini.

Along with his 4 siblings that summer day, he was over with his Mom who was setting up a garage sale with his Grandma.

The day prior he opted also to come over while the rest of his family was out. To my astonishment, I successfully managed to pluck the 2018 kiddo from watching “Fortnight” long enough to treat the little guy to the tasteful wonders of a fantastic Fudgesicle. (Sidenote: Spoiling children is Aunt Amy’s cherished duty.) Then, following a rousing game of “Sorry” with his grandparents and me – in which misunderstandings & a lack of knowledge of the game’s rules by some created an excess of erupted & prolonged laughter – the night grew darker.

As his evening with us drew to a close, I found my nephew rolling in the computer chair in front of the laptop. In jest I asked the going-into-fourth-grade boy, “Was it more fun for you being in the presence of Aunt Amy or being around all the Fudgesicles?”

Despite the late hour bringing on obvious tiredness, my always-sharp nephew failed not to amuse.

 Using my own words against me, a little word switching was employed before the child’s shrewd retort:

“Being in the presence of Fudgesicles.”



By Amy



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