Serving: self or Lord

“In a self-serving world, serve the Lord” was the main idea of today’s impactful church message. “It comes down to you & I being faithful people.”

The 1st of the 2 central points was to “Fight spiritual apathy” or in other words,

Replace knowing God spiritually

 with knowing about God, specifically His law & how to worship.”

People miss actually “knowing God” & merely know “about God.”

“Fight spiritual apathy by recognizing regularly the grace of God, and by being clothed in the righteousness of Christ.”

In conclusion of this post, my wise Pastor named Jeremy said, “When we reject the cross, we’re apathetic to God & to His Ways.”

My take on today’s church message is to make a more conscious effort to serve God in all areas of my life,

Like in my speech, using self-control to not say mean or judgmental or swear words, just kind words that promote peaceful living;

And in my actions, like rather than wasting time trying in vain to improve myself physically from cancer’s lasting side effects, using my energies to help & to encourage other people.

Off for coffee & glazed donuts. Thanks to God for everything, the message & now the food! 6-10-18.JPG



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