God Answered my Prayer

5-31-18.JPG I’ve had a secret fear for many months – Laying it all out there, it’s been terrifying to think about living sans the woman who gave me life.

Why is that? Because as I’ve been in need of multiple eye products to care for & also be able to wear, my lenses, I know for certain that no one else except my Mom will go to such enormous lengths or be so dedicated to search to track down the latest recommended always-changing very specific products for my very expensive lenses.

Thus, I’ve been troubled, asking God continually for many months to ease my fears. And He did it! Of course, not in the way I thought He would, but then again, people say the Lord works in mysterious ways because, well, He thankfully does: Solution to my worry about finding the right lens products in the future: My lenses no longer work in my eyes, creating no more stressful need of constantly seeking out needed lens products!!!

A tsunami of relief has poured over me now that I no longer am required to think about:

  1. Inserting lenses successfully in time before leaving the house for something
  1. Always having cleaning product, peroxide, lens fluid, & alcohol swabs on hand in my house to be able to insert the lenses
  1. Fear of removing a lens & having it drop & get ruined in the painstaking process
  1. Trying to always ensure, which is an impossible feat, that once in my eyes the lenses are free of bubbles which causes the need to carefully remove then carefully reinsert them
  1. Having to re-clean & re-insert the lenses after a few hours after they become foggy since my dry eyes cannot help continually clear them &
  2. Being unable to drive myself to find required lens items, & thereby being stuck without necessary products in the future

I am so grateful to God for answering my prayer! I wore the lenses long enough to improve my eyesight better than it was before, so I’m happy. And not to mention MASSIVELY RELIEVED.

Praise God for being there for me, & you!!

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