“Bored” – Don’t tell me you’re THAT person :(

It’s a colossal slap in the face to me whenever I see someone, like I did last week on Facebook, whine with a 1-word posting “Bored.” What I wouldn’t give to be


healthy &


Nothing’s more irritating than a person on social media posting the word “Bored.”

Are you kidding me? Don’t you get it? . . . It’s VERY INSULTING to me to hear ABLE-BODIED people gripe about nothing to do when they already have so much going for them. What I wouldn’t give for a life free of physical disabilities . . . 

Shut your mouth & take a nice long walk! I would – oh, wait, I can’t because not to mention the fact that I have no ability to balance whatsoever due to neurotoxicity on my brain stem so I need a cane with each labored step taken with compromised weakened worsening joints, I suffered an extremely bad fall on Saturday & my legs are in much pain.

Read a good book for a while! I would in a heartbeat since reading’s my all-time favorite thing to do. Oh wait, my dry eyes won’t let me see long enough to read for more than 2 short chapters at a time.

Eat a juicy delicious pineapple outside on your porch, I would! Oh wait, I can’t because the acidity causes my sensitive mouth to become full of cuts.

Drive to see someone who’d love a visit! I’d love to do that – oh, wait, I no longer possess the abilities required to successfully drive.

Watch an old classic movie that you like! I would – oh, wait, first I have to put on my glasses & then also remember to bring an abundance of eyedrops to last for a couple hours in my pocket or bag for my chronically dry eyes.

Get the point? Goodness gracious, we all need to work with what we do have & try to stay mostly positive.




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