In its own way this all makes sense.

Employing the “expect crisis” mindset has worked quite well for me today:

Step 1 – My beautiful sister – 

My Beautiful Caring Sister

– calls to say she’s bringing over grilled chicken etc. for me for lunch.

Step 2 – I stop reading in my bedroom to go to the other side of the house since she’s dropping off food.

 Step 3 – Not realizing beforehand that my left knee has suddenly become too weak to help me walk assisted with my cane, I unexpectedly lose my balance & slam haphazardly onto the hard floor hurting most of my body, especially my right knee & back.

Step 4 – I quickly take stock of the situation, am not overly surprised at my disastrous fall considering my overall health status is on a slow gradual decline, & take 4 Ibuprofen which equal 1 Motrin.

Step 5 – Packing up my lens supplies is my next decision, since for the past couple months they’ve only lasted successfully in my eyes a fraction of their previous time. What an enormous relief!!!! No longer will I be burdened by having to insert my lenses before going out somewhere – I failed to realize how much weight the lenses have put on my shoulders until this very day. I can honestly say I’m not disappointed ONE TEENSY BIT to see them go.

Step 6 – Back to my book.

Step 7 – I will continue to “expect crisis” as my physical body continues to betray me, all the while knowing that All-Powerful Loving God deserves thankfulness & praise, as the Bible says, in all circumstances. 

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