“Innocence is Bliss”

The first day of my spectacular visit with my friends Jessica & Aaron & their 5 children in Indiana confirmed that, yes, I am most definitely in the very vast minority of viewers who lack a liking of “The Greatest Showman” film. But alas, to each their own. Chugging right along, the weekend arrived next.

“I took a Motrin this morning,” I told Aaron Sunday morning while eating Corn Flakes.

“To stay limber,” he replied.

“Actually to stay upright,” I jokingly corrected him, albeit referring to the actually serious problem of my weakened left knee collapsing without warning on me a couple times lately.

5-7-18 Jess Our magnificent Monday Girls’ Day of just Jess & me began on just the right note with Dunkin Donuts coffee. Talking was the best part of our time together, discussing everything from you-don’t-need-to-know to you-still-don’t-need-to-know. Monday night I got to witness Jessica & Aaron leading their couples Bible study. The best part was watching my friends speak & pour their abundance of God-given wisdom into the lives of fellow group members. 

Before closing, let’s bring it back to Saturday night. Lily, 9, had just said she’d give five dollars to the person who spent it best. Her siblings & I spoke up as we sat in her parents’ car waiting to leave our current destination to drive home to bed to get up early for church in the morning.  

“I’ll give it to the poor,” Lily selflessly decided after denying her siblings’ ideas as well as mine on ways to use the money.

Instantly piped up her younger sister in a passionate plea to snag the dough: “I’m poor!”

The 4-year-old sought straightaway to gain $5 by defending her case of why she was a poor person – and despite being on the right track knowing that poor people can’t do certain things due to a lack of funds – the youngster isn’t yet aware that

  1. the particular thing she mentioned doesn’t quite fit the bill


  1. the simple fact that she yelled her case negated her very claim:

“I can’t talk!”



By Amy on May 7, 2018

5-7-18 Scholls.JPG








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