“The Sleuth”

“She wants to wash a germy dead bird & put it in Daddy’s office,” my sis told her oldest son about his li’l sis of just 2. My nephew, 8, had just returned from a field trip & was hearing about the deceased creature on their deck. Better times are comin’.

“I’m happy he went!” the third grader exclaimed about his Dad accompanying him on his field trip to LEGOLAND, a place in Auburn Hills with “family friendly fun” including rides & play zones.

His sister told me earlier in the day as we talked of campfires & the like at their house while her bro was away: “S’moring. That’s my Mom’s favorite word.” My niece, 7, confessed she liked burnt marshmallows & I agreed.

In the car later: “Mom can I have money?” asked their little bro of 4. “I can get it from Mies grandpa.” My young nephew was clearly interested in padding his pockets, & apparently had multiple sources to look into.

Rewinding to playing with the 4-year-old in the basement a few hours prior, together we set up his matching game which he excels at. Memory games & puzzles are his thing. Clearly, cuz he’s soooo good at both.

While playing we began discussing God. Upwards pointed the little fella’s finger to show me where God is. Right on!

I love hearing children’s – what’s the word? unique? interesting? amusing? – interpretations of things & subjects they’ve been exposed to thus far in their short lives. My nephew didn’t disappoint when he revealed to me his take on our Omniscient Heavenly Father:

“God is spying on me.”



By Aunt Amy



P.S. Sliding down the stairs is one thing my nephew proudly showed me he does.

Harrison 5-10-18.JPG



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