Why does a Loving God let evil & suffering happen? Why?

Quoting a conversation between a young woman who died of AIDS who now lives in Heaven & Jesus, in the fictional novel Deception by Randy Alcorn, brings up Excellent Points:

Says the woman about a man on earth with no faith in God: “He thinks You don’t care, that You look the other way from evil, that You could do more to deal with suffering.”

Imagining what Jesus would reply to her, says Jesus, “Think, my child. Did My Father look the other way and abandon His creation? Did we ignore evil and let it forever reign victorious? Did I stay off in some far corner of the universe and keep My distance? Or did I come to the dark planet to face it head on?”

The woman looked at His scarred hands & Jesus said, “Tell Me, My beloved. Do these look like the hands of a God who does not care?”




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