“Britney Spears”

Oops! . . . I did it again.

I was so glad my sister called me 2 days after my trip. Plans were set in motion for her to come pick me up at 10:30 that Thursday morning, in 40 minutes. Perfect timing since I had just sat down to put my lenses in. Beyond that, all I had to do was remember to . . .

X Brush my teeth,

X Take another dose of “Gut Shield” to help my damaged gut,

X Take 2 specific pills to further assist my ailing gut,

X Change my current outfit from my around-the-house comfy wear to going-to-my-sister’s comfy wear & last but not least

X Pack food to bring for lunch & also a snack which meant quickly making a sun butter-raspberry jelly sandwich to throw in a cooler along with a banana, black cherry Greek yogurt & a delicious container of healthy pasta salad my Mom made the previous night.

. . . In the not-so-distant past I snatched a spoonful of what I THOUGHT was scrumptious homemade chocolate chip cookie dough – only to find out the bowl I sent the spoon in actually contained massively disappointing mushy green pea soup. (Turns out, under my radar my quick-thinking Mom had whisked the bowl with the good stuff downstairs – purposely OUT of my grip.)

This time around after I returned from the house of my sis: “Amy, why do you have a container of cheese in the cooler?”

Well, my first reaction of annoyance stemmed from the loudness of my Mom’s voice. Never mind the fact that she was all the way in the kitchen emptying out what was left in the cooler I’d taken to my sister’s & I was quite a distance away in my bedroom, thereby necessitating the slightly increased speech volume.

Secondly, I grew kinda mad because why the heck was she even asking me such a totally absurd question about a bunch of cheese in a container that she found in the cooler? I certainly didn’t pack it! Why on earth would I bring a plastic container piled with swiss cheese slices with me to my sister’s?

Drum roll please . . . for the second time l’d mistaken a similar container in the fridge for something else, mixing up this time the pasta salad & cheese. Boy did I feel stupid. Not to mention tired. Of losing.

Mom = 2

Amy = Zilch

mom pic


By Amy on 5-10-18




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