“Yes Sir”

“That’s my toothbrush!” my niece exclaimed before her 2-year-old sister upon discovering her in their bathroom using her toothbrush.

In Aunt Amy’s defense when the little one asked for it, I had asked the youngster if the pink one was hers . . . apparently not. She liked wetting the toothbrush then sucking the water off the bristles in her mouth.

Then the day took a turn.

“You can’t lock the door!” he yelled upon barging into the bathroom, sans knocking of course. I was stunned, completely caught off guard by this explosive encounter in a room where most people prefer total solitude.

Looking back, considering the source of the shouting, the whole incident reads indeed like comical chaos:

Although my current clothing predicament was completely justified considering where I was & what I was doing at the time of the intrusion, the little rascal thought differently. Suddenly, just as quickly as he appeared came his abrupt exit, but not before my FOUR-YEARS-YOUNG NEPHEW delivered one last forceful bark to his ambushed aunt.

“And pull your pants up!”



By Aunt Amy



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