“Lego Skates”


“Move,” the 2-year-old commanded as I inadvertently blocked her from continuing her present game of spreading Go Fish cards around the floor. “Leg!”

There I was, engaging in yet another pleasant day of nearly endless activities with my nephew of 4 & niece of 2 while their older siblings attended school & snoozing was the action of choice for their 10-day-old baby brother.

A puzzle of the entire United States, hide-&-seek in the basement where my nephew of 4 hid in the bathroom closet, the card games Go Fish & Animal Rummy, Legos where the boy used the trains as makeshift shoes & clomped on carpeted basement floor, the 2 youngsters taking turns singing while riding their black wooden rocking horse in the family room as I shot videos of them per their requests. A lot of fun was done!

Earlier when my nephew voiced his preference to play downstairs where we’d just gone to get games including Candy Land, I protested that it was too cold down there, wanting to bring the chosen toys upstairs. He wouldn’t have it. Too bad for you, Aunt Amy. The boy was unwavering in his decision to play right where we were.

Blowing off my complaints about the cold air without a second thought, the child then proceeded to divulge his own brand of mismatched deduction:

“You have long-sleeve pants.”

The End

By Aunt Amy





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