Hypocrite Christians: Compelling Argument

To Ollie his friend who doesn’t believe there’s a God partly due to all-too-real Hypocrite Christians, says Jake: “Okay, suppose there is a God and Jesus really died on the cross for people’s sins. Suppose He rose from the grave and offers eternal life to everybody who trusts Him.

And suppose there really is a devil. Now, if you were the devil, what would you do to keep people from believing in Christ?”

Ollie: “Never thought about it.”

Responds Jake: “I know what I’d do. I’d get people to claim they’re Christians when they aren’t. I’d get them to do terrible things in Christ’s name.

Then I’d try to persuade unbelievers to focus on those terrible things done by so-called Christians, instead of on the wonderful things done by Jesus.

Then I’d try to get Christians to be self-righteous hypocrites who don’t care about the needy, but only themselves.”

. . .

Jake makes 2 EXCELLENT POINTS here: “. . . And I’m saying people can claim to be Christians even though they aren’t. And sure, people can be real Christians and mess up, big time.

But true, humble followers of Jesus are everywhere, and if you knew them . . . you’d be drawn to Christ.”

Winding up with Clarence then Jake: “Actually, there are plenty of good-hearted, humble, and lovable Christians . . . All the attention falls on false Christians or loudmouths or hypocrites.

But the gospel’s about Jesus.”

. . .

Jake –It makes no sense to reject Jesus because some of His followers are hypocrites. The Bible never says that to be saved you have to believe in Christians. It says you have to believe in Jesus.


– Randy Alcorn’s Deception


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