Parts of my life I CAN’T WAIT to be absent in Heaven – I need to vent

Lenses in my chronically dry eyes that fog up & get bubbles so I can’t see clearly to read – like just now I had to stop reading to come in from the deck to remove my cruddy lenses;

Being embarrassed by failing to see people I know due to crummy eyesight so I then look like I’m ignoring them;

Having Avascular Necrosis in 3 joints so my left hand often hurts & of course I’m left handed so rather than letting the diseased joint rest I do everything with my left hand – plus my weak right side of my body including my right hand offers no help;

Dealing with a painfully sore neck & shoulders from a recent days-lasting headache;

Tripping where my weak diseased right ankle rolls so I’m fearful of dreaded permanent even worse injury;




P.S. And no, eating a raw carrot instead of a dark chocolate bar won’t make a smidgen of an ounce of difference in my steadily declining health status because my damaged gut reacts EXACTLY the same way – in irritated hatred – to whatever I consume


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