“I’m goin’ to Heaven, can’t wait/ . . .”

 “. . . Gonna see Jesus, can’t wait/

And I know I’ll not be late/

Cuz I’m goin’ to Heaven &/

IIIIII caaaaan’t waaaaait, can’t wait!”

The above song I recall hearing sung in Sunday school at a church my family attended in the past.

new on 10-11-17

Presently, I read this in Randy Alcorn’s Deception on the 19th of April that’s worth sharing. Three men exchanging dialogue:

Ollie – “Why would anyone want to go to heaven? When my grandmother spoke about heaven, it was the last place I wanted to go.

Who wants to be a ghost anyway?

My idea of utopia was a place like earth, where you could have fun and ride bikes and play baseball and go deep into the forest and dive into lakes and eat good food.”

Clarence – “Sounds to me like the new earth.”

Jake – “Exactly. The Bible says the heaven we’ll live in forever will be a new earth, this same earth without the bad stuff.

God doesn’t give up on His original creation. He redeems it.

And we’ll have these same bodies made better. The Bible teaches the exact opposite of what you’re saying – we won’t be ghosts. We’ll eat and drink and be active on a redeemed earth.”

. . .

Clarence to Ollie – “The thing you want is exactly what God promises. Earth with all the good and none of the bad. Heaven on earth.”

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