Ask Yourself This Very (Last) Question


3 men conversing in Deception by Randy Alcorn:

“And think about Jesus,” Jake said. “How would we know the extent of His love and grace if there’d never been evil and suffering?”

. . .

Ollie: “When people maim and kill each other, it throws a switch inside me. I do what I can to bring justice now. God seems to wait around a lot.”

Replies Jake, “He says He waits and withholds judgment to give us time to repent and get our lives right with Him. Justice has been restrained. What you’re mad at God about – that He’s been withholding judgment – is what’s kept us all alive, giving us opportunity to repent and accept His grace.”

“Isaiah says,” Clarence added, “that God will bring justice ‘like a pent-up flood.’ He’s not going to wait forever.”

Ollie: “That time should have come by now.”

Jake stopped . . . and said, “And if it would have, where would you be?


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