Why does God allow Good AND Bad to occur?

2 men in Randy Alcorn’s Deception discuss the blog title’s question: Why does God allow Good AND Bad to occur?

Ollie: “Okay, if this God of yours is really good and He’s really in control, why does all this bad stuff happen? Murders and rapes and starvation and professors taking advantage of girls and child abuse in churches and all that?”

Jake: “That’s the oldest and most common argument people use for not believing in God.”

And in reply to that particular argument from Ollie, Jake responds: “Well, first I’d say it’s God who gave us a moral compass. It’s that sense of justice He put in you that causes you to raise this question in the first place.”

Further along in the conversation Ollie says, “That’s what bugs me. God doesn’t seem to be paying attention to what’s going on down here. . . If there’s a God, why doesn’t He just bring that final judgment now?”

Answers Jake, “Is that really what you want? God says He holds off judgment because He’s merciful to us. He gives us time to repent. Are you ready to face judgment?”

After having Ollie read in the Bible part of Psalm 10, Jake said, “. . . God’s saying He’s going to make it all right one day. . . The judgment is coming – and if you’re eager to see it come, you’d better remember that once it comes, it’ll be final. . . God’s the ultimate judge. Justice doesn’t always come here and now, but God promises it’ll come there and then.”

Finally, the 2 friends reached their destination and talk about justice.

Asked Jake: “Where do you get your sense of justice that makes you believe crime and suffering are so wrong?”

Ollie – “I guess I was born with it.”

Jake – “You were born with a sense of justice? Well, then it didn’t come from you, did it? It came from the One who made you. You believe evil is wrong because God knows it’s wrong and made you to know it too. Ironic, isn’t it? You’re using standards of justice that could only come from God in order to argue that there is no God.”

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