A THOROUGH Understanding of Why God gives us Free Choice

Characters, men, a journalist & a homicide detective, discussing the concept of

Free Choice:

 Ollie the Detective: “. . . But if God’s all-powerful, couldn’t He have made me do it right in the first place?”

 Jake the Journalist: “Made you do it right? What do you want, for God to make us all into Stepford wives?”

***Sidenote: Stepford wives were first written in a novel in 1972 as seemingly robot-like, submissive, beautiful & perfect.***

. . . Jake again: “If I were to offer to make things okay in your life, but to do it I had to take away your ability to choose, would you take me up on it? Ask me to make all your decisions for you?”

Detective Ollie: “Then it would be your life, not mine.”

Jake: “Exactly. So how can you expect God to give us free choice, then fault Him because He did?”

Wrapping up this post, but not the men’s exchange of dialogue in the novel, says Jake: “He went so far as to give His life on the cross and conquer death in His resurrection so that you and everybody who accepts His gift could be together forever.”


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