“Close But No Cigar”

“I have a wet mouth,” my young nephew responded to me telling him I have a dry mouth. His repertoire of knowledge at his tender age of 4 obviously & understandably doesn’t include cancer’s damaging side effects aka the cause of my parched mouth. To further emphasize his little-boy learning thus far, he could also be found saying that day that his (older) sister had to be a girl because she has earrings, & in his short life, he’s learned that boys don’t ever wear earrings. 

But his curiosity with topic numero uno continued. “Is your mouth dry cuz you eat dried foods?” In order to move on from our current subject, I just said yes. And moving on he did. 

“I believe I can fly! Spread my wings & fly away!” he belted out while energetically performing the tune while tearing ’round the spacious basement. “I believe I can fly!”

We, my niece & nephew along with their aunt, were on the lowest floor of their new home on a Thursday afternoon. Much happened. 

“I was about to!” And so he kissed his little sister, with apparently no prompting needed from Aunt Amy. The youngster had without warning snatched his 2-year-old sister’s Animal Rummy card, causing her to fall apart and flip back sobbing loudly on the downstairs carpet where we played.  

Previously, months prior, I had shown the boy & his 2 older siblings that shuffling cards really just meant moving them around. The reason for my mini tutorial was because they’d seen impressive difficult-looking forms of shuffling before, & I wanted to show the kids that it can be as simple as sliding cards around on the table. The boy & I engaged in several rounds of Animal Rummy & he clearly wanted to be involved in every aspect. 

Watching me shuffle cards following 1 of our matches, my nephew spoke up. Armed with both his notable ever-so-charming accent (where words aren’t always clear or correct but are always cute & comical) & a mere 4 short years on this earth to soak in his surroundings including its vast vocabulary, he can’t be faulted for the word flub to follow: 

“Now can I shovel?” asked the eager little participant. “Can I?” 

The End

By Aunt Amy


Pictured is the oldest sis & her bro of 4 later on . . . 2-15-18  Pen & Bear at new house.JPG





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