“The Blame Game”

“Do you want help with that?”

“Yes!” I responded gratefully to my thoughtful friend Claude as he pushed on my right shoe so I could Velcro the strap across my foot.

That came after tripping horribly – more like a GIGANTIC-I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-crash MAJOR MISSTEP – in front of a fantastic group of friends after I rose to leave the room to grab some snacks to settle my increasing hunger.

Tired? Warm.

Full Fatigue? Getting warmer.

Pure total exhaustion? Ding! Ding! Ding! You’re on fire!

Connor, Paul & Claude were the group’s men in attendance. In no particular order, Kristi, Bonnie, Grace, Jen & I were the others. In our group Bible study meeting we learned that in the Lord’s Prayer, the phrase “Hallowed be Your Name” actually means praying for people to live their lives on this earth to always honor & keep the Lord’s name Holy, whereas before I mistakenly thought that phrase was a form of praise to His Name.

To show them how incessantly thankful I am for the rides they give me to & from our weekly Tuesday meetings, I gave Bonnie & Claude each a tasty homemade muffin. (Do not be misled thinking God gave me the gift of cooking; He did not. ‘Twas my mother who baked delicious gluten free walnut/apricot muffins.)

While Bonnie & Claude drove me home, I fished around my purse for my garage door opener to save time once we pulled in the driveway.

So we get there. Upon stepping out, helpful-as-can-be Bonnie grabs my right arm to balance me to safely walk over the ice on the ground. Ok. I’m standing there. Not slipping. Why aren’t we moving? I’m thinking. 

Still no sign to start walking as we remain at a standstill. Bonnie’s being a little too cautious, I say silently to myself. Move!

 . . . Finally I look over & realize it’s been ME ALL ALONG – albeit outside, my right arm is still hooked around the seat belt arm strap, which has been holding me back and preventing my movement this whole time! Bonnie had nothing at all to do with our lack of motion.

Turns out, we were both wondering why the other person wasn’t moving & confess to each other our own private thoughts of blaming the other person for not moving right along. We both burst into some serious late-night giggles all the way to my door.

My bad.


The End

By Amy


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