Too Close for Comfort

A scream, loud & long, pierced the air.

I twisted my head to the right, terrified. Trembling. There I was, inside a dark movie theater this afternoon with my Mom & 2 friends. I expected gunshots to inevitably follow. My thoughts instantly were, “I can’t run like they can. I’ll be shot dead in the country’s latest shooting incident.”

I couldn’t stop shaking from terror of the unknown.

Every few minutes the disturbing screams erupted. Unable to hold back my frightened emotions, I started to cry in the dark theater once the film finished & the 4 of us stood up in front of our seats.

The source of the screaming & other noises – stomping & banging too – was apparently from a mentally challenged young adult male whose mother or caregiver had taken with her to the movies. She possibly desperately needed to get out of the confines of her house due to the unavoidable massive stresses of incessantly caring for the disturbed individual.

I hated being scared to death but there’s nothing you can do about it. Everyone faces their own battles.

Tomorrow’s another –

Happy? Frightening? Sad? Fun? Dangerous –

day.  3-10-18



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