WHAT THE HELL? I’m glad you asked:

Many descriptions of the horrors of hell –

where individuals who fail to ask Jesus, Who sacrificed Himself by dying on the cross for all of our sins, into their hearts to forgive them of their sins 

– are in Randy Alcorn’s Dominion in the fortieth chapter.

About a man in the novel in hell: “Those he’d ridiculed as church-going wimps, he knew now, would reign over the universe, participating joyously in that one true dominion.”

Says the fictional novel brimming with Biblically-based ideas, about a person who went to hell, “There was nothing to distinguish him from anyone else. In fact, there was no one else at all. He felt like an isolated piece of litter blown helter-skelter on the fringes of a dump.

His existence was arbitrary and pointless.”

Unfortunately for him now in hell eternally, he had “chosen a different path while in the land of choice and opportunity” aka earth, and is currently FOREVER “locked behind the invisible bars of eternity, serving an eternal life sentence.”

“Segregation ruled” in hell. “Not just segregation of the races, but each man eternally segregated from all others. Isolation. Loneliness. Parched and barren souls living alone, separate, unable to communicate with each other.” 

Hell is “unending nothingness. Uninterrupted boredom.”

Being told “‘God is love, and therefore there is no hell’ was all a lie. . .

There could be no relief here. Only endless self-preoccupation, self-hatred, self-everything, and therefore nothing. . .

There was unlimited misery here. . . Mere existence, stripped of purpose. . . No rest here. How he longed to sleep. . .

Why would he live forever, paying for his sin, when there was one who had already paid for it?”

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